People who have tasted fell in love with the texture and taste of it. This caught like wildfire across US … Ingredients for Pistachio Ice Cream: Egg yolks – are essential for the soft and creamy texture in the ice cream … Ruby Cacao Ice Cream Bar Rum Raisin Ice Cream ... See flavor. Pistachio ice cream or pistachio nut ice cream is an ice cream flavour made with pistachio nuts or flavouring. Parkinson made a flavor of ice cream with pistachio and sold it as Pistachio Ice Creams. The vanilla extract and almond extract really give the flavor a delicious boost, and the egg yolks help the texture to be extra creamy and custard-like, like you’d find at a high quality ice cream parlor. Pistachio is also a flavor of sorbet and gelato.Pistachio ice cream … Cardamom donuts with vanilla bean … It is often distinctively green in color. Pistachio Ice Cream Raspberry Sorbet Rocky Road Ice Cream Rosé & Cream Ice Cream Limited Edition.