He also breaks some of the cardinal rules of painting from the time. According to BBC.co.uk: Regardless, Van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers have altered mankind's perspective of art and life. By Gauguin? Van Gogh did create some sunflower paintings prior to this time though in Paris, France around the time of 1887. Nienke Bakker, curator of a new exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum dedicated to the artist’s famous sunflowers, believes that Gauguin’s interest in the younger artist’s first foray into this subject almost certainly reinforced Van Gogh’s sustained focus on the flower. He made seven versions of them. Sunflowers are famously associated with Van Gogh. The following blog was first published in April, 2011. Sunflowers had a special significance for Van Gogh. Sunflowers? This series consists of sunflower clippings verses sunflowers in vases. Sunflowers. Yellow, for him, was an emblem of happiness – in Dutch literature, the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty. He painted 12 canvases, seven canvas in Arles during 1888-89. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers uses an impressive range of techniques, from tiny pointillist dots to thick sculptural strokes. Other five (5) paintings was previously done in Paris 1887. However, Vincent’s friend, colleague, and sometimes nemesis, Paul Gauguin, created his own interpretations of the golden floral symbol of southern France where Van Gogh and Gauguin once resided together. One of the famous artwork by Van Gogh was Sunflower series. All the paintings has similar layout, positioning and Proportion except minor differences.