It highlights the most-cited 1% article for each year from the past 11 years. The years associated with the rankings in the graph represent the publication year of each ranking. The contact person at the University of Helsinki in all ranking-related matters is Markku Javanainen. Several regional and field of science specific versions of the Shanghai ranking are also released every year. You can read more about the methodology on the Taiwan ranking website. In 2014 THE–QS World University Rankings list, the University of Helsinki was ranked 67th. The University of Helsinki is usually among the top four with the Karolinska Institutet, the University of Copenhagen and the Aarhus University. International university rankings evaluate the amount and impact of research conducted at institutions of higher education, the quality of teaching, the reputation of the institutions in question among researchers and employers as well as the extent of their international outlook. ranking World Rank University Det. Lastly, we delve into what the university rankings are based on. The University of Helsinki places in the 50–100 range in nearly all of the most important rankings. Overview. Points for research citations in the Taiwan ranking are granted for four indicators: The H-index is a quantitative indicator that enables the simultaneous evaluation of a researcher's productivity in terms of publishing articles and the significance of his or her publications. They are also meant to compensate for the fact that the Shanghai ranking doesn't include a separate indicator for reputation, unlike the THE and QS rankings for instance. If the minimum number of universities listed is not met in a given discipline, it receives no ranking that year. This means the University of Helsinki places within the top 0.5% of the world's universities. Most of the points for his Nobel prize go to Harvard, since that is where he worked when he was awarded his Nobel prize. The University of Helsinki offers a wide range of master’s degree programmes, taught entirely in English. The University placed best in these ranking indicators: The table below showcases the University of Helsinki's ranking results in THE University Impact Rankings compared to universities on four different scales: globally, in Europe, in the Nordic Countries, and in Finland. When evaluating research, the rankings typically measure only the number and citations of English-language publications, making it difficult for universities from non-English-speaking countries to reach the top positions. In addition to the generic rankings, there are several global specialised rankings. University operates on four campuses in Helsinki and at nine other locations. P.O. University of Helsinki Ranking - CWUR World University Rankings 2018-2019. =98 th. The Taiwan ranking is based solely on bibliometric measurements of research, unlike Shanghai, THE and QS. This graph shows the ranking positions of the University of Helsinki during the current year and the previous five years, on a European scale. Published by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2003. Institution Name: University of Helsinki : Native Name: Helsingin yliopisto : Location: Finland: World Rank: 93: National Rank: 1: Quality of Education Rank: 109: Alumni Employment Rank > 1000: Quality of Faculty Rank: 135: Research Output Rank: 82: Quality Publications Rank: 83: Influence Rank: 77: Citations Rank: 108: … Some programmes are organised by the University of Helsinki along … University of Helsinki Ranking 2019-2020 - Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) Institution Name: University of Helsinki : Location: Finland: World Rank: 134: National Rank: 1: Quality of Education Rank: 417: Alumni Employment Rank: 1007: Quality of Faculty Rank: 226: Research Performance Rank: 80: Overall Score: 80.5: Domain: Top 2000 Universities (2020-21) Top 2000 Universities … Points for research articles in the Taiwan ranking are granted for two indicators: Based on the InCites’ Essential Science Indicators database, which includes approximately 11,500 key journals from various fields of science. U-Multirank presents university rankings with more than 1,600 universities from 95 countries worldwide. The University of Helsinki places on average among the top 100 – or top 0.5 % – universities in the world. Was previously a part of the Times Higher Education ranking, and split off in 2010. World University Rankings 2021. 91-100 th. In 2020, the University of Helsinki was ranked 49th in the world. # 33. in Arts and Humanities. The intention of this criterion is to even out the impact of the size differences among the universities. In 2014 THE–QS World University Rankings list, the University of Helsinki was ranked 67th. Universities specialising in technology, economics and medicine tend to fare better in this area than a general university such as the University of Helsinki. Furthermore, the university accommodates several independent research-oriented institutes and multidisciplinary research networks and campus … There are between 18 000 and 23 000 universities in the world, depending on what qualifies as a university. University of Helsinki Subject Rankings.