If not, drop down off the ledge here and engage them. When you first arrive at the Undead Burg you'll be on a raised precipice where three Hollow Warriors are currently hanging out. Into the fog Pt 3 - Once the two spear wielding Hollows are dead, head over and destroy the boxes initially behind them to reveal stairs leading downwards. Being poisoned will only drain HP slowly, so if you just keep an eye on your health and use flasks when you need to you should be okay. Once on the ground, take the door on your immediate left. Alternatively, go just far enough up the stairs to set off the rolling barrel, and then run back down around the corner. Raise your shield and start running towards the stairs on the right of the bridge, hugging the right side of the bridge as you go. If you make it through it is possible that the Drake may turn around and breathe fire into that area, so if you want to be safe you can hang a sharp right in the passage and run out the door here. There are stairs leading down but before heading down, destroy the boxes at the end to find a Large Soul of a Lost Undead. This guide is really over cautious about Havel. It’s a pretty “gentle” (nothing in Dark Souls is gentle) introduction to Dark Souls Remastered’s level design philosphy — lots of verticality and paths that loop back to connect with earlier areas. There is a broken section in the wall you can drop down (carefully) to avoid the trap - once the trap is set off, it does not reset. to kill the dragon you can just go to the tower of the gold night ,just up the rats and shoot a single arrow at his back , the dragon will be so surprise to forget how to fly and fall to it's Death, not sure if it's suppose to do that or not , but works for me, It took so many arrows to get the Drake's tail off. One leads under the bridge and the other is a shortcut to your last visited bonfire. From the other door, you will see an item on a corpse outside. As soon as the arrow hits (and not before) start running out to the middle of the bridge and do a jump attack. The Hollow Archer will draw its bow and target you from a distance while the melee Armored Horrows engage you. So if you sprint from the top of the stairs on the bridge towards the other safe zone on the left side, it will usually cause the Drake to breathe fire, helping you with any remaining Hollows in the area. To your left there's a wide and long bridge with some enemies on it, and if you continue to the right you'll find Solaire of Astora out on the platform looking at the sun. Also, you can kill the Undead Merchant, which rewards you with the Uchigatana, however it is not recommended as he can sell you a lot more. Go straight through to reveal another armed Hollowon your immediate left. Mess With The Bull... - Head up the stairs until you are two floors up from the tower's entrance and then take out the barrels here to reveal a Crystal Lizard which you should quickly dispatch to receive some Twinkling Titanite and another random Titanite drop. This part can be tricky since three poisonous sewer rats will rush you (and possibly knock you off the edge if you're not careful). Enter the Undead Parish through the newly-opened gate. Past where you met the Black Knight you will find the Blue Tearstone Ring. Battlefield - If you head back to the bonfire room, on your left there is a bridge, but be warned that there will be three FireBomber Hollows at you from above (one is behind the church tower) as you approach and cross it. Section 2 is accessible through a locked door on the Wyvern bridge that can be opened with the Basement Key found in Undead Parish and serves as the gateway to the Depths. In the distance you may spot some enemies, the two closest to you are of your primary concern, although there should be a total of 4 Hollows in that will engage you (1 Archer, 3 sword & shield). If he hits you with his weapon, which is a dragon's tooth - yeah, you're in trouble -, you are dead regardless of your shield, or anything; conserve your stamina and use it to mainly roll out of the way of his attacks. The day before I shot his tail off, couldn't kill him when I was on the bridge, kept getting burned up. Turn around and drop down at the broken section of the walkway to find yourself back at the rooftop. Home Minecraft Maps Dark Souls: Firelink Shrine and Undead Burg Minecraft Map As soon as you can, run back and down the stairs to avoid his attack and wait down there for him to go back up to his perch. Either try lure them out or rush inside and get rid of them. There are two openings ahead, one on the left and another on the right. It's worth trying to pick up the Claymore on the corpse on the right as you run. Kicking while their guard is up will stagger them and leave them open to attack. You can drop down once again into an ally where a Hollow patrols the area, if he spots you he will either run away or attack you. There are a few items to pick up while you explore — mostly consumable soul items and a couple weapons — but not as many as some other areas. Kill them then go back down again and start crossing over. who will give you the White Soapstone item that allows you to aid other players in online play. (Note: This door will already be open the next time you come here and you should travel a small section of the bridge to lure the undead soldier across the bridge toward you and once he is gone you can then proceed onwards and get rid of the axe hollows.) At the bottom, you will see the locked door that will lead you to Lower Undead Burg - you'll find the key later.