It is the contention of Mrs. Gore and the other women who founded the P.M.R.C. Totally out of his element, Dee Snider defended the stance that music, like any other art form is open to interpretation, and nobody’s interpretation of art should prohibit one’s freedom of speech. © 2020 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Watch The Full Video Below. Unless you’re the horny Freddy Krueger. Somehow the PMRC got hep early on to its dark power and majesty. Dee … It's become known as the "PMRC Senate hearing," or the "Tipper Gore-Frank Zappa hearing," or the "rock-porn hearing." Could 2020 Get Any Worse? Forgoing the opportunity to claim Def Leppard’s Pyromania was a call to worldwide arson, the PMRC instead took aim at Lep’s non-U.S. hit, “High n’ Dry (Saturday Night),” presumably over the refrain: “I got my whiskey/I got my wine/I got my woman, and this time the lights are going out.” Beware the combined evils of adult libations, heterosexuality, and lack of interior illumination. Admittedly, “Bastard” represents a weird bit of a tantrum for the Crüe, with its declarations of “Out go the lights/in goes my knife/pull out his life” and “Got you neck in the noose/I got nothing to lose.” However, Vince Neil shrieks repeatedly, “Don’t you try to rape me!” Shouldn’t those Washington Wives have been praising this number, then, as an anthem of self-defense against sex criminals? Footnote; The PMRC was originally formed after Al and Tipper Gore were listening to Prince’s Purple Rain album with their daughter until they heard the song “Darling Nikki” where it references a female “sex friend” who was “masturbating with a magazine.”, Dee Snider's PMRC Senate Hearing Speech (Full), Tony Iommi Reveals Some Of The Funniest Shit Black Sabbath Has Ever Done, Missing Elderly Patients Found At Metal Festival, This Guns N Roses Stevie Wonder Mashup Is Incredible, KISS Calf Looks Suspiciously Like Gene Simmons, Dee Snider’s PMRC Senate Hearing Speech (Full), 35 Years Ago Dee Snider Wittingly Saved Heavy Metal, Dave Grohl Goes To Metallica Concert Like An Ordinary Dude, Ozzy Osbourne Admits Being Obsessed With Aliens And UFOs, Black Sabbath: Must Hear Sweet Leaf Geezer Bass Track, Ronnie James Dio Explaining His Craft To A Non-Metal Fan Was His Best Interview, Church Bassist Spontaneously Combust After Playing Black Sabbath Riff, Flashback: Judas Priest Fans Destroy Madison Square Garden, Iron Maiden’s First Performance With Adrian Smith, …And Justice For All Cover Art: The Real Story, Retired Couple Sued For Blasting Iron Maiden, Metallica Video Of First Gig With Cliff Surfaces. Presented here, with comment, is the “Filthy 15” list that Tipper Gore trotted out before Congress, complete with the category each entry was charged with celebrating and promoting. It has been 35 years since Dee Snider’s speech before the US Senate, debating the accusations of Tipper Gore, who said that his music and heavy metal in general incited physical and sexual violence and therefore should be banned and censored. Then you might want to do with that what Darling Nikki was in the hotel lobby doing with a magazine. NASHVILLE - USA - Al Gore would rock out to 'satanic' heavy metal bands and perform rituals in the family home, divorce lawyers for ex-wife Tipper Gore have revealed. for short. some 3 years ago, that certain rock lyrics are promoting explicit sex and violence. Ah, yes, it was Fate frontman King Diamond, an avowed Satanist with the coolest post-Arthur Brown/Alice Cooper/Kiss face-paint maybe ever. In 1985, a committee known as the Parents Music Resource Center, spearheaded by Tipper Gore, made up a playlist of songs they deemed inappropriate. Minnesota’s pint-sized menace to morality strikes again, as Prince protégé Vanity makes the raunch roundup with a plea to her boyfriend, songwriter Robert Bruce McCan (aka Robbie Bruce), to secure himself to the “carnival ride” of her crotch. Art and music is an expression of society and what people are feeling, and rarely just artists pushing their opinions on fans. Insert eyeroll here.) 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The committee was founded by four women known as the "Washington Wives" – a reference to their husbands' … Cyndi even looks heavenward in the “She-Bop” music video and sings, “I hope he will understand.” Tipper and her cronies most certainly didn’t. It couldn’t have been the group’s name, which sounds nice, nor the title of the album in question, Melissa. This group pushed strongly for a voluntary ratings system for the music industry similar to that of the movie industry and released a list of songs they had found objectionable that was dubbed the “Filthy Fifteen.” One of the songs on the list was “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” while tracks by Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath also found themselves under heavy scrutiny. The UK’s cartoonishly beyond-the-pale Satan metal squadron Venom existed from the get-go to appall and outrage humanity’s stuffiest. Sporting a cut-off vest, snakeskin boots and maybe a little too much mascara for some peoples taste, Snider recalled being nervous the second he heard them call his name. The band’s biggest hit never gets more risqué than a reference to “makin’ love.” Imagine if they’d skipped the Mary Janes and got right to Rick’s records!