Buck Pomerantz. It can be purchased separately? And, adjust the setting of the stereo? Note: receiver eq affects all speakers including sub. Hello. Jordan, That receiver has about nine different controls that adjust the sound of the bass, including subwoofer level, bass boost, bass EQ center frequency and level, and a low-pass filter. This is a must, otherwise, And, then again turn down the setting to the level where the distortion disappears. Then set the amp gain. planning on dedicating the amp for the subwoofers only. Link: manual. Good day. You should set your amp's gain as described in this article - start with gain low; play a signal or song; turn up until distortion becomes audible; turn gain down until distortion goes away. I spent too much already but my right dash speaker comes on sometimes and don't know what's up with it. The output level of the LC2i should be set so it won't clip the input of the next device in the signal chain. - Then to the amp - would this method imply to the same settings you instruct before bringing up the low pass and gain ? I'm not looking for earth shaking bass, so I wonder if this is the better way to go. So on my headunit (Kenwood DDX-719) I have both a subwoofer and bass setting. Amp is R500X1D N sub is Mtx 2 12in. I feel the bass hits over power the resonating bass a lot in my setup. Other than the wastage of time and money, it causes a lot of headache and anxiety. I took courses in radio and electronics as a teenager, and became a ham radio operator. The first thought in my mind was maybe it is broken and the second thing was maybe it is not properly tuned. Check out this article for help setting amp gain. My issue is the amp is barely warm to the touch when pushed hard for a decent period of time, but I am getting an "electrical heat stress" odor/smell from the air being pushed from the sub port. I have my amp tuned correctly I think and have no clipping but my head unit (kDC x895 kenwood) has a bass frequency setting that is stumping me. Matt, Theoretically, a sub's low-pass crossover frequency and speakers' high-pass crossover frequency should be the same. Matthew, None of these tuning tips are written in stone, so just about any way you can make it sound good is okay. Yikes, Buck. Dean, I suggest you set the subsonic filter to 36 Hz or lower and the low-pass filter to around 90 Hz. But be aware that its not that easy and can cause a lot of stress on your subwoofer. Shipping was super fast, faster then I expected.Thanks for everything! Livin, Try disconnecting one of your subs and see if that doesn't sound better balanced. I have 2 lanzar amp mono block 2000di, 2000 watts true rms as 1 ohms, I'm running a twister audio system F4 560 amp on a pair of focal 6-9, my 2 lanzar are powering 2 kickers cvr comps 15 inch at 2 ohms, I still have to much bass over the my vocal, my bass is turned all the way down on the eq to. But it still wasn't the way I wanted it: tight, repsonsive, precise and balanced. 3rd: while reading your artical you never mentioned after tuning do you set the eq as in pick up the trebble or lows etc or do you just leave it? The bass quality is unbelievable for such a cheap sub as I have had JL's and a Type R in my past. I have read all of the different "tuning" articles on here and I am still at a loss. The only problem I'm having with my stereo as I have a set of Alpine Component speakers in the front separate Tweeter I just find no matter what I do I have too many highs at high-volume Overpowers my rear speakers and sub, I have Power Acoustik Rzr1-2500d class D mono block Subwoofer Amplifier and a 2000 watt Pyle power 4 ohm sub will this tutorial work for me, I have a Orion hcca124 reconed to 1ohm I'm running a Dd m2b amplifier is it safe to run the sub at .5 ohms with that amplifier. But in another case, where you are tuning your rest of the speaker system, look at the lowest frequency rating and adjust the frequency to that number. Male vocals develop a rasp, female vocals turn thin and harsh. I was curious what would cuz my system to work on low volume and at high volume it sends the amp to protect mode and it was working fine just started this the other day. Is that the only 10" sub that I can hook up to that amp? I also have a kicker cx1200.1 pushing them wires at 2 ohm . Explain why you suggest turning gain all the way down please. It has LP on amp from 50-250hz where should it be at? I have the subs wired @ 2 ohms Total as per your instructions. I noticed a lag between my subwoofer and the actuall song, the bass was still boomy, I could feel the bass but not hear it and lots more issues. Your article outlined each ones function perfectly. This would endanger your full-range speakers (when the amp sends out a clipped signal) without achieving the goal of clean, full sound, which is why you put in a subwoofer to begin with. 4 ohms: 300 watts x 1 chan. Tom, When you use the factory subwoofer wiring for your sub's input signal, don't forget to use a line output converter (LOC) to reduce the signal strength of the factory amplified signal down to the level your sub's input can handle. Its to late for me to go mess with my subs right now but i believe that article on tuning will greatly help me but the only thing i dont under stand is how come my 2 qauntum 200rms subs would hit about just as hard has my planet audio 750rms when they went wack. on the receiver or the amp? Click on this link for details. Ian, You wire two DVC 4-ohm subwoofers to form a 1-ohm load like this. It's most noticeable when I'm listening to a heavy bass song and someone is singing or talking at the same time the bass is hitting. Jl 500/1d jx In my system I have two kicker 3.5" dash speakers powered by the factory 8.4 inch touchscreen head unit. I read your article above and a bunch of the comments, but I'm still lost. I have a 4 channel amp. My current box just sits in the back with the seat up . this helps me out a lot. Their toll-free number is on your invoice. I've toggled different settings for my ATG Mono 1625/1 @ 2ohms to a (1) 12" W7 JL sub in my Chevy traverse in-line from - stock receiver - line converter Audiocontrol LC2i pre amp output - Audiocontrol epicenter (sweep) (wide) freq.