I’ve read they can breed back right after giving birth. ( Log Out /  Today she is out there rubbing up against the ram, wagging her tail backing on to him, prancing around then head butting him. You can check HERE for more help on telling when she’s close. I also have one polled doe that is a freemartin. Have you seen her come into heat? My female goat is pregnant, but suddenly she is acting and bleating like the male, eats any thing even from the ground, scratches her face and wounds come out. This can lead to a frequently fatal condition known as ketosis. If they seem to have it eaten down, you can always supplement with hay. I never offer advice on feeding because it is so unique to a geographical location. This was interesting Teresa…one more question for you though. I just put my Nigerian dwarf in with a Pygmy buck. She doesn’t have a bah, but there is definitely something there. Some goats show early; others you’d never know if they were bred until right before it’s time to give birth. I have a go at that could be pregnant when I bought her although she was in poor condition. Is there any liquid that can be squeezed out? That way you also have a better idea of when they are due. Do you have any advice? Sometimes it’s hard to find good information, so I do what I can. 8. The mother now named ‘Fern’ is extremely dominant and still has a very strong bond with her kid. You’d be amazed at all the search engine hits and e-mails I get on this topic. It’s possible for them to become pregnant and have kids twice in a year, but I would not recommend it. With atleast one, maybe two! I’m anxious the first one she seemed to just have her labor stop and it was a month before we had to deliver a stillborn for her. It is a little trickier than one might imagine. I have a female and a male goat, that have been together since we got them, they are a small sized goat. Pam looks very heavy. Could that mean she is getting close to kidding if she is pregnant? Thanks for this! i am so sorry your story did not end well, and i am also worried about my doe. By this stage I was well informed on all aspects of pygmy goat care, I soon found a female which was 1 inch above the maximum height and wasn’t wanted for breeding. Good luck. She acts fine. And how can I prevent her being so vocal? We are looking for a young buck to keep also (maybe an Alpine since we aren’t worried about papers) and a weather to live with him, and will either keep her kid/kids if she has a doe or purchase another to live with her for company. Thanks and sorry this is so long but my baby needs help. Try to keep close in case she needs help. Other than she was bred to another Saanen. I bought a Nigerian mixed doe in milk back in October, to milk. I have a doe that is like HUGE! Text and photographs may not be published, broadcast, redistributed, re-blogged or aggregated without express permission. With the shorter daylight hours we have been shutting them in earlier and letting them out later. . there are no other goats around us for miles but there are rams. You can acquire them at any age; I’m not sure that any age is better than another. Obviously, it would be best if you could tame her down or at least get to a point you can confine/catch her if she needs help. You want them to have a clean place to kid. I have a pregnant goat that has been showing signs of getting close to labor. You could also breed her and let her keep her kid, but she again might still get picked on and that’s at least five months out. Just thought you would like to know, I don’t feel so silly now. I call the breeder we purchase her from to find out she had been in a pen with Barbados rams (they had the same theory that they would not breed). . I bought my goat with pregnancy but I do not know d due date n drugs to give her . I have goats that seem to be passing a cough and snoty noise around. Great post! Many thanks, my goat is breed on feb 3rd i had to know when she will kid i m from india It happens. I am going through this right now. Not really any way to tell easily. Change ). You can check HERE and HERE for signs. My pygmy goat had triplets early this morning. (YIKES) She dosn’t look too big to me, and the lady was expecting her to freshen in Auguest, she had bred late, which I know is a bad sign in a goat, but she was otherwise healthy. None of the links work anymore. I have to borrow a trailer to get her to a vet. Does she have any other signs of pregnancy such as springing? you are saying you have a goat and she was bred by a ram so a goat and a sheep bred? I have a few questions. Have you ever heard of a goat having 5 kids at once? Goats mature quite young, so males and females should be kept separate by the time the girls are three months old. That would be a better indication of pregnancy than just the teats. to triplets. Sorry I forgot to mention, Blaze is pregnant, would I need to get a mediator before the kids are born? How To Tell If A Goat Is Pregnant – 7 Signs. How can I stop her being so excluded?