Hi! -Steve, I loved how this recipe turned out, even if I did over cook it a bit the first time. I hope he had a great day, and I certainly hope he enjoyed the barbecue. He started renting and selling these years ago at his grocery store. He’d sit up all night tending to the cooking pig and by morning, he was ready to start breaking it down so he could bring it into the kitchen where he’d chop it up to make barbecue. We often serve Candied Yams with the pork, so your version will fit right in. Any advice for me in the future to prevent this from happening or why the temperature would not get higher than 160 after 5 hours? Any leftovers can be frozen for later, but I always like it fresh the best. Again: Big thanks for the recipe. I absolutely love this recipe! Delicious and easy !! Tried this recipe last night using a nine pound butt. Good… Let’s get cooking! Do visit with us again real soon and try some of our other recipes. I think he misses it too. The only issue I encountered was the acquisition of the Liquid Smoke which is a little difficult to come by here in north west England, but thank god for eBay. I had only tried to make pulled pork with a boston butt once years ago. -Steve. It cooks great. Of course, this is the good part because, you get to add a little sauce, taste it… then add some more and taste it again. -Steve. Hi Taylor, Thank you for your question. You mentioned the tomato based mop, and got us curious! Then you can have your own “signature” rub. I’ll put it on my list. I prep the 10 pound pork shoulder on Thursday cooked it on Friday. Cooked 8 hours on low then added 1 bottle of gourmet BBQ sauce to cook another 2 hours. -Steve. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. -Steve. I’m thankful you tried our Pulled Pork BBQ recipe, and glad to hear that you and the family liked it. I’ll save that for another recipe. Thanks for a great recipe, will definitely do this again (husband says we’ll do it every three days). I am going to try all your recipes. I do hope you’ll try our Pulled Pork BBQ recipe, and let me know how you like it. I want to get some rub on these spots before I start cooking and, as you can see, there is still a good amount of fat being left on. I’m really glad to hear that you tried the recipe and that you liked it so well. I’m thankful you found Taste of Southern and that you tried the Pulled Pork BBQ recipe. Its not going to hurt anything if you baste the butt with some of the pan drippings as it cooks. I’m thankful you’ve found Taste of Southern and are trying some of our recipes. I was excited to find your recipe and I followed it exactly. , Hi Don, Hopefully you’ll try it in the oven first. You have to have a bark seal to prevent the moisture from cooking out. I grew up in North Carolina, so I ate quite a bit of barbecue. I hope this helps, and look forward to hearing how the recipe turned out for you. Be sure to visit again… real soon. Wrapping it in foil and letting it rest, it will continue to cook and even increase in temperature before it peaks out and starts cooling back down. thank you for the best barbeque I have ever had! I’m glad you approve of the recipe and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. -Steve. This skin side is called the “fat cap.”  We’re going to coat it as well although it’s not really going to absorb any of the spices. -Steve. I LOVE pulled pork. Thanks! Thank you for your visit today. Thanks, Hi Susan, I do not cover it while in the oven. Thank you for stopping by, and be sure to visit with us again… real soon. Lots of variables could have resulted in the pork being dry. So happy to be able to create this awesome BBQ in my Canadian kitchen! We’ll be looking for you. I really enjoy your newsletter, too. I do hope you’ll try the recipe just as we have it posted here. How about you? I had to make my own when I got home and I found your method. I can hardly wait till I can cook this recipe again, and again, and again! Didn’t know the cooking time but if any one out there uses metric a 2 kilo shoulder takes about 5 hours at 150c. It’s often referred to as “Lexington Dip”, or “Western NC BBQ Sauce.” You’ll find a good number of recipes for it online if you run a search for those terms/names. Franziska and Niko. Thank you for sharing, it will be made again! I’ve spent a good deal of time visiting around Fayeteville myself. You could also chop it up if you desire, its just whatever makes you happiest when it comes to barbecue. I did how ever smoke the meat for the first 3 hours then put it in the oven over night to finish. You will find thousands of versions of how to make dry rub if you start searching for them. -Steve. I appreciate your visit and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. It was definitely done and I was worried it would dry out. I also made the coleslaw from here. After that, you’re just cooking meat. You just don’t want it to dry out on you. I wish you great success in preparing the recipe. The meat is intended to have sauce added when placed on the bun. -Steve. Hi Steve, I’m planning to make this over the weekend. Be Blessed!!! I was really excited about making this given the reviews. -Steve. Some folks leave it in their BBQ while others remove it. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. Thank you for all the brownie points you have earned me! Thanks also for the photos and step by step instructions, it made it a whole lot easier. I hope this helps. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe When I made this last time, I last minute decided to make a second one late at night. Thank you for the compliments. My husband loves barbecue, and his dad makes the best. Sorry I can’t be more specific on that. Refrigerate overnight. Have a great Wednesday, Steve! So I have 16lbs of Carolina pulled pork for tonights fireworks!! This dish is becoming a regular in my house. OK? Until then, I’m happy with this oven recipe! It’s not even going to end up in the finished product, I just wanted to show it to you. -Steve. Thank You in advance for the recipe. It was juicy and delicious, but didn’t shred as evenly as I hoped. Great comfort food! Bless You, Doy. I’ll look forward to a full report once you’ve had a chance to devour it. The goal is to get it to cook more like it would in a big grill instead of steaming it all wrapped up in foil. If you’ve read the comments others have left, you may see that some have experienced longer cooking times when they prepared theirs. I make this several times a year for various gatherings and it is always a hit. I just finished cooking the Butt roast. -Steve. I didn’t rub it with Worcestershire if that matters, cooked it mostly at 225 degrees (towards the end I was getting impatient and cranked the oven to 250). I do hope all your friends like the Q. Be Blessed!!! I just used a couple of forks to lift the pork from the pan. I know low and slow is the key. This method improves the frozen product as well. However, it is 8am and they are done and have already rested for the hour.