"Hence, while we are encouraged that our students are highly motivated to learn and achieve, we are cognisant that this must not come at the expense of their well-being," said the ministry, adding that schools put in much effort to help students understand the meaning of their learning, instead of focusing solely on their achievements. In all, 5,825 students from Singapore's public schools were surveyed. Indeed, the focus on education is very clear when you walk through the streets of Singapore. Finland14. "The changes to the Primary School Leaving Examination scoring system and aptitude-based admission into post-secondary institutions are among the measures that will hopefully lessen anxiety and increase the enjoyment of learning among our students. In local bookstores, more than half the floor space is dedicated to assessment manuals, consisting of practice questions based on the school curriculum from pre-kinder to Year 12. Share gift link below with your friends and family. NZ and Australia have something Europe can only dream about — so why did it take us so long to notice? Mr Schleicher said the Singapore education system is moving in the right direction with its changes, but he added that "curiosity, creativity and leadership" were some of the attributes that deserved more attention. From the removal of all exams for Primary 1 and 2 students to the introduction of wider scoring bands for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), Singapore’s MOE has embarked on sweeping reforms of the education system. More differentiation for pupils with different academic abilities were implemented, such as revamping vocational education under the new Institute of Technology [18] and splitting of the Normal stream in secondary schools into Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) … Four more years — what does this term of state parliament mean for Queensland? You have reached your limit of subscriber-only articles this month. "For example, schools bring students for outdoor adventure activities like white water rafting. One question that the 5,825 Singapore students who were polled did not have to answer was on how satisfied they were with life, but their responses to the other questions revealed that most were anxious about tests and grades. These experiences are important too. Most students in government schools in Singapore take two major examinations every year and have regular tests every month to track their progress in school. In the 1980s, Singapore's economy started to prosper, and the focus of Singapore's education system shifted from quantity to quality. That said, we recognise that while there is no certainty of causality, having overly high achievement motivation is also correlated with anxiety levels," it said. "The pressure [of an education system] is not necessary. National Institute of Education don Jason Tan said the finding on high anxiety levels is not out of step with a school system that uses exams to channel students into different secondary and post-secondary pathways. When the ABC spoke with two teenagers from a Singaporean high school, the word 'stress' was often used in our conversation. You can read this subscriber-only article in full, All done! In recent years, Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has also announced several changes to the education system for primary and secondary school students. Most children at her age from other parts of the world would probably be at a playground exploring their environment. Singapore students may be topping the charts in mathematics, science and reading, but it is exacting a heavy emotional price on them. In 2019, the National University of Singapore was … However, the Singapore education system seems to be becoming harder and more stressful for the sake of it without any consideration as to how it can benefit our youth in the future. "Research has shown that stress at appropriate levels can be a motivating force to energise us for the challenges we face. The gift link for this subscriber-only article has expired. Japan/Taiwan6. United Kingdom28. For example, 66 per cent of students across all OECD countries said they were worried about poor grades at school, but among Singapore students, it was 86 per cent. Another 16-year-old Tee Shao Cong said the stress in Singapore's education system was so intense that "one's dreams could be shattered in a matter of seconds if we fail". This is because our formal education system is much harder than the rest of the world and our GCE A levels and O levels is much tougher than the ones the British take. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. With an education system that still sorts children according to their abilities, parents will continue to stress, compete and hanker for their children to get a spot in the coveted Integrated Programme or Express stream. Move towards a more balanced education system In recent years, the Singapore government has moved to put in place measures to manage the level of stress faced by students. Advertisements are plastered around suburbs showing the latest tutoring and enrichment classes parents can enrol their children in. ", SPH Digital News / Copyright © 2020 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn. What happens to the Trump Organization after Donald Trump leaves office? Cherlyn's father, Brandon, said the objective of starting mental arithmetic at that age is because "brain development is fastest and most robust during this stage". No. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times on August 20, 2017, with the headline 'S'pore students suffer from high levels of anxiety: Study'. Nicholas Tan, 16, recently finished his high school examinations and hopes to be a commercial pilot. In recent years, the Singapore government has moved to put in place measures to manage the level of stress faced by students. Another 16-year-old Tee Shao Cong said the stress in Singapore's education system was so intense that "one's dreams could be shattered in a matter of seconds if we fail". While being one of the most highly regarded in the world, the education system in Singapore is also considered very stressful – especially for younger students.