I have created a support ticket with Office 365 support and I await their reply. The tab is a separate update that has not been deployed yet. remove the News Connector and re-install it again...it's not working. I confirm that it seems we are several in this situation, i face similar situation with a customer's tenant. the connector works. However, when we were seeing the delay, we would then go back into the article to edit & re-publish, which would force it to show up in Teams...I don't think we ever posted a 2nd article before making sure the previous one was already showing. There may be a way to use the SharePoint API but I’m not certain how you would tie into it given that again my understanding is that Graph API is the way-ahead. We have experienced the similar issue - but it's limited to using Teams Web client on IE. :). Just tried installing the SharePoint News connector within Teams (desktop client). Many content publishers provide an RSS feed to allow users to subscribe to it. Fully managed intelligent database services. About half of the sharepoint sites exist in the dropdown list. - edited Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Can confirm that the SP news connector is working in our environment. That said, we had that issue for about a month, and here for last week or so, everything has been working as expected. I'm currently trying to connect to Sharepoint from my Macbook Air run Lion. 02:43 AM, @Matth_zapiens Hi Matthieu, thanks for your feedback! I'd been editing and posting News using Chrome and the Connector didn't pick it up (even after immediately going to Edit, Save a draft then Republish - silence from the channel). Notifications also do not work for personal feeds. https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public?category_id=205564. on @Christopher Hoard many thanks, will pop a bug on. ... SharePoint News is not a tab, it is a connector (Right click channel, connectors). So from a Connectors/Flow perspective there is no way to configure something like this. Connect and engage across your organization. 04:02 AM. I am attempting to create some simple flows such as saving email attachments and syncing 2 sharepoint folders. Fixed: File Transfer Task 'Create Remote Directory', 'Remove Remote Files', 'Rename Remote File' actions did not work properly when used with SharePoint sub-site. An unexpected error occurred. Posted in The same user had access to at least one site and Sharepoint list: (and the news author will receive notifications about comments on their posts as well) ‎10-05-2020 Regarding the notebook, as a matter of fact, it's a default notebook in SharePoint site. The SharePoint connector for Teams wasn't working. Please try again," with requestID, server, & date info. When I post a news article, SPO pushes the previous article to Teams; it's not pushing the most recent which means the relevancy is diminished. Get the latest news from over 365 blogs; Are you … 02:40 AM Find it strange that users (not in targeted release) are seeing that connector and AFAIK, the SharePoint connector isn't in preview. Your workaround is working perfectly in case of a public channel...thanks for this. This method will not work in case of federation, e.g. 2- Insert https://yourtenant.sharepoint.com/sites/yoursitecollection/_api/Web/Lists/GetByTitle ('List title')/Items in the URL field. Yes this is exactly what is happening anytime we create a private channel. - edited For now MS support is still investigating logs captured with fiddler & correlation ID. Office 365 is the default authentication method to access Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Video Hub ‎04-19-2020 ‎08-01-2019 TBH, I'm not so sure that they can actually fix it as I have seen multiple bugs not being addressed. I'll see if I can find a solution elsewhere and if I do, loop back here. Created this thread to see if anyone else is experiencing issues with the SharePoint connector and as you can see at the top, a ticket was created for that more than 3 Months ago. 1 Like . Your issue sounds frustrating! Tried to edit and republish which posted the news article in my Teams channel. a fix is being made for this issue and should reach production soon. They have to at least fix the issue my customer is experiencing with the normal SharePoint connector and they haven't made any progress in more than 3 Months. Nothing appeared. Has anyone else experienced when posting a news article the news connector does not always post a message in teams? - edited It would be pretty handy right now. ‎10-06-2020 03:06 AM ‎10-05-2020 Kindly contact Microsoft support for more information on the issue that you are facing. I am having a problem wherein Skype for Business Presence is not working on IE Edge when using Sharepoint Team site in Office 365. But now I've come against a problem. Hi all, Currently I am 'transforming' old SharePoint Work Flows into Power Automate flows. Create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. Regarding your question, I recommend to use OData connector and follow these steps: 1- Connect to OData connector. The SharePoint connector is now not working for us at all. "[email protected];" this property should describe the user you wish to connect to SharePoint to. ... We created a new Exchange Receive Connector that SharePoint uses to send emails with the servers IP address and left Anonymous users Permission Group checked. Have you gotten feedback from Microsoft? They're integrated. @Sarah Stillings I haven't seen that specific issue where it posts the previous article. planner) because they have pretty strict ties/permissions to the attached SharePoint Group that comes with the MS Team. It supposed to work smoothly but recently noticed that all our existing apps - 1400890 Fully managed intelligent database services. Bit of an edge case this but I notice that the SharePoint News Connector does not pick up rolled up news from a Hub Site. - edited It simply gave a 404 error or "sorry, something went wrong". I have configured in each of these channel the SharePoint News connector (including the General Channel) and the following behaviour is happening (using Edge or not). The bad news is that if it didn't work for you, then it appears to still be buggy :(  I'll do some more article over the next few weeks and see if it continue to work correctly or stops again. Also, keep in mind that if the users have installed the SharePoint mobile app, they will receive notifications about News, from the app. https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/38094184-sharepoint-news-conne... Add/remove News connector instructions here, Microsoft Teams Rooms Intro | Your Integrated Meeting Solution | Microsoft Mechanics, Microsoft Teams Rooms Setup | Step-by-Step Guide | Microsoft Mechanics. When I went into the channel to add the app, it wasn't listed as available, but when I went to the general "Apps" button on the left-hand icon toolbar, I could search to find it, and then it asked which channel to add it to.