The articles of this section are grouped by parts of speech: noun, … (0381g) Урок 1 Names and Nicknames.

Learn about the Russian prepositions with our series of Russian tips covering important and intersting aspects of the Russian grammar and vocabulary. Russian grammar exercises Level: Intermediate Topic: Adjectives in the prepositional case (4) Instructions: Choose the right PREPOSITIONAL form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter). Recognizing Russian Names of Cities. Learn about the Russian prepositions with our series “Russian Tip of the Day”. The book was written by Mark Twain.3. I’ll show you the picture of the palace. Studying a language is more than just grammar activities. Subscribe and receive tips and advices to help you in your studies of different areas of Russian language. (0369g) Recognizing Russian Names of People. Depending on your proficiency level, you might’ve also realized that some cases are more straightforward than others with regard to rules, but there are often exceptions to those rules . Russian grammar In this section, you can find different materials devoted to Russian grammar rules. (0236g) Names of people and places. We are walking through the forest. Pay attention, that some of the prepositions can be used with several cases having different meaning in each case. Below is the list of lessons that cover Russian prepositions used in different cases. (0372g) Palatalized and Unpalatalized Consonants.

Neuter, Any gender 1 Feminine 2

Exercise 17 Russian nouns. Textbook Every tip includes examples of The Genitive case in 25 Russian Prepositions Every Learner Should Master By this point in your studies, you’re probably well aware that Russian has six different cases . PREPOSITIONS PREP 1 Fill in the correct prepositions about – at – by - for – from – in – of – on – to - with 1. She learned Russian at the age of 45.2.