Yūya Uchida [62] When he was engulfed in a massive point-blank explosion caused by Pedro, he survived and managed to get back on his feet, although he still suffered grievous injuries and lost his right arm. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! [10] Even without any treatment, he quickly recovered enough from his injuries to aid his mother in pursuing the Thousand Sunny for several hours without tiring. Pokazał też, że jest litościwy. All his siblings seems to affectionately address him as "Brother Peros" (ペロス兄, Perosu-nii? When Brûlée's face was cut by some bullies, Perospero was worried for his younger sister and informed Katakuri how the bullies he beat up before targeted their sister in revenge.[32]. Sojusznicy [35] Katakuri was later relieved to hear that Perospero survived after the latter contacted him. Czasem zwraca się do innych, mówiąc "candy", tak jak w przypadku Nami. Gdy pokazywał Caesarowi jego nowe laboratorium, z uporem lizał ogromną cukrową laskę. [97] As he followed Big Mom to Funwari Island, Perospero grew weaker due to leaving his wounds untreated for hours. Strausen'i unutmadım ama belki Perospero 6. adamdır. Naśmiewał się też z Vinsmoke Judge'a, który rozpłakał się po odkryciu zdrady Big Mom. Despite this setback, the Big Mom Pirates overwhelmed Luffy, Sanji, and the Vinsmoke Family. [86], Perospero eventually took direct action against the two Straw Hats, covering them with candy and intending to kill them by turning them into candy. While Katakuri fought Luffy, Perospero escaped to the coast and ordered Charlotte Mont-d'Or through a Den Den Mushi to surround the coast with battleships. However, just before they reached the top of the waterfall, King attacked the ship, causing it to fall off the waterfall and Big Mom to fall into the sea. Charlotte Perospero [94] While Carrot attacked Daifuku's fleet in her Sulong form, Perospero grew concerned as Big Mom's body seemed to become thinner and thinner. Miej swoje ulubione fandomy zawsze pod ręką, a nigdy niczego nie przegapisz. Squeezing Caesar's heart to make him flinch in pain, Perospero threatened to turn him into candy and lick him if he did not complete his research in two weeks. Candy Island[2] 86 Chapter 869 (p. 16) and Episode 839 , Perospero binds down Bege's Big Father. [11] However, he also possesses quite a strong will and tenacity, as he was not dissuaded from pursuing the Straw Hats even after losing said arm. Japońskie imię Perospero receiving a death threat by Big Mom. Urodziny Powiązane artykuły When Kaido's forces attacked their ship to prevent them from reaching Wano, Perospero created a candy barrier to deflect the enemy's cannon fire. I see and hear your fire, your ambition, Judge! [42], After he regained his composure, Perospero prevented Bege from attacking his mother by creating a candy wall to block Bege's cannon fire. Charlotte Perospero – pierwszy syn i najstarsze dziecko rodziny Charlotte, a także jeden z najsilniejszych członków załogi Big Mom. Perospero to wysoki i szczupły mężczyzna z brązowymi oczyma, spiczastym nosem, różowymi ustami i bardzo długim językiem. He listened to Judge's tearful pleas for help but was utterly unsympathetic to the Germa King's plight, comparing his state to a cow about to be slaughtered. 50 lat Poprzysiągł zemstę na drużynie odzyskania Sanjiego za stratę ręki, która spłonęła w wybuchu spowodowanym przez Pedro. Pomimo swego przerażenia, był zaniepokojony tym, że jego matka traci wagę w zastraszającym tempie i została zaatakowana przez przeciwników. Personnage: Perospero Matériau: Résine Edition Limitée: 300 pièces Hauteur: 29 cm Dimension: 29x14x16 cm Poids: 2.5kg Date de Sortie: 2019 Prix de sortie: Voir la figurine. [84], Perospero later joined his brother Katakuri on the Thousand Sunny. Rozkazał Luffy'emu oddać Brulee, gdy ten ją porwał. Right after Bege transformed back into human form and the Vinsmoke Family jumped out, the Big Mom Pirates fired a volley of bullets at them, but Ichiji and Niji blocked them. He later laughed at their hopeless situation after they retreated into Bege's Big Father fortress, which was surrounded by him and his family. Perospero is attacked and wounded by Carrot and Wanda. [26] He was also hesitant in letting her eat a cake that was on the ship of the Fire Tank Pirates as it might have been poisoned (this hesitation was somewhat justified as Bege did originally plan to poison the cake). Birthday: Afterwards, he spotted Brook and Tony Tony Chopper as they returned to the Sunny with the Shark Submerge III. His bounty is 700,000,000 berries. Dzięki mocy swojego diabelskiego owocu Perospero może chodzić po wodzie i pozwalać na to innym. Zwraca się jednak do niej z szacunkiem. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. [64] He can also use hardened candy to bind and immobilize his opponents, being strong enough to hold down even the genetically-enhanced children of the Vinsmoke Family[65] and Capone Bege's giant castle form. [56], Originally, he trusted Bege due to the latter being seemingly loyal to Big Mom. [11] He refers to people he is fond of as candy, calling them "sweet" as he referred to Nami as a sweet "candy girl". Na nadgarstkach ma ciemne bransolety, a jego długie paznokcie pokryte są ciemnym lakierem. However, before leaving to go after the Straw Hats, Big Mom threatened to kill Perospero if he lied, leaving him terrified. Style walki Perospero entrusted Caesar Clown's heart into the rook's possession only for Bege to liberate the scientist for his own goals. However, before he could attack, Carrot and Wanda arrived in their Sulong forms and attacked Perospero, wounding him. Wymowa Totto Land's Minister of Candy. Ulubiona potrawa Perospero to słodycze z wyjątkiem miętówek, których najbardziej nie lubi. Perospero sarcastically offered them a chance to leave alive as their situation seemed hopeless, but the two Straw Hats refused and prepared to fight to reclaim their ship. Bavarois then informed Perospero that Pudding was heading to them with the cake, but she was on Bege's ship, which caused Perospero to worry about the cake being sabotaged. Ministrowie Uplasował się za. Perospero Accueil / Perospero. His shoes have a long tip spiraling inward. As the castle collapsed, the Big Mom Pirates fell with it. He then prevented Bege from moving the castle by trapping his legs in candy. [2], After Monkey D. Luffy and Nami were captured by Big Mom's army, Perospero went to the Prisoner Library to watch the captive Straw Hat Pirates on display inside a book before Big Mom talked to them from a Den Den Mushi. [85] After Brook and Chopper defeated numerous Chess Soldiers on the Sunny's deck, Perospero simply reminded them of his belief that none of their friends were coming back. Perospero was very frightened to hear that she still remembered her promise and wondered how conscious she was in her craving state. His coat collar is still the same shade as the rest of his coat, his button candy are red and white, his shoes are brown, and all the lollipops on his hat are green. Residence: After Brûlée also told him of the Straw Hats' meeting place, Perospero told Big Mom to go to Cacao Island. He does NOT want an alliance with Kaido and has made it clear that he’s going to resist it. Anime Prowokował Brooka i Choppera, mówiąc, że ich przyjaciele na pewno gryzą piach. 700,000,000 [7], Perospero was born as the first child of the Charlotte Family.