Double Trouble is voiced by Jacob Tobia in the 2018 series. Intercepted by She-Ra in the midst of a menstruation-induced temper, Entrapta is killed when She-Ra bursts her breasts.[21]. Mantenna is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series. Multi-Bot appears in the "She-Ra" cartoon only, because the "He-Man" cartoon finished its production run in 1985, a year before the toy was released. Bow was released in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Because of this nature, Imp is hated by most other members of The Horde. Among these are an Impact Ring, that enhances his physical blows a hundredfold and projects a protective energy shield in the form of a falcon; Seven League Boots that enable him to leap over great distances and a Photon Cutlass, which can stun when its blade glows blue and can cut through any substance when it glows red. In She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, they are renamed the Star Siblings, due to Jewelstar being turned into a boy, and the Great Rebellion encounters them on an unstable planet where both parties are looking for some crystals to power their ship. [35][37] Although she caught She-Ra in her tentacles upon first meeting her, the Octopus lady proved to be no match for the Princess of Power. Comic Book Resources voted Mantenna 6th worst He-Man toy.[28]. Grizzlor is introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1985 among the first wave of Evil Horde figures. Most story media have portrayed him as either a mindless brute or as comically unintelligent. In the She-Ra series, he appears from time to time as Hordak's chief scientist. Micah, escaping from Horde World, returns to Etheria for his and Angella's wedding anniversary but is subsequently captured by Hunga the Harpy. Her hair is fluffy and wavy and cut shaved on the left side. Fanon Before She-Ra and the Princesses of Power released its first season people had already begun to ship Spinnetossa thanks to Netossa's voice actor, Krystal Joy Brown, confirming that they were a canon couple. which portrays him as a kind of urban legend among the Eternians, a product of apparent "tall tales" about a wild man-beast which roams the night stalking its prey. Writer Emiliano Santalucia revealed the being inside the crystal of the first 200x Masters of the Universe comic series was the Unnamed One from The Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins!, he discloses the Unnamed One's essence was split in two, one trapped in the crystal and the other taking a mechanical body and becoming Horde Prime.[26]. Grizzlor is a hairy man-beast creature from the wild, using his brute strength when attacking his opponents. Spinnerella only makes one appearance in the series. Eons later, Sibor's tomb was found by Hordak and Shadow Weaver and used the Netherworld Scroll to awaken Sibor. Primarily a dancer, Spinerella has the ability to spin at high speeds, turning into a human cyclone, capable of rapid travel and deflecting oncoming attacks. King Micah is voiced by George DiCenzo in the 1980s series and Daniel Dae Kim in the 2018 series. Species In the 2018 series, he was called "Horsey" (instead of Spirit) by Adora before being accidentally transformed into a winged unicorn by She-Ra's magic. Later, when her mother is in battle with the Horde, she too disappears. [36] He is a member of the Evil Horde, though in some cartoon appearances is seen to work for himself. In the 2018 series, while having a more exaggerated figure with a more simple and naïve personality, Scorpia is revealed to be a Princess whose family were the original rulers of the Fright Zone before swearing loyalty to the Horde and giving Hordak the Black Garnet Runestone. In the 2018 series, Double Trouble is portrayed as a non-binary chameleon-like shape-shifter who is morally ambiguous with a theatric flair as they love causing chaos and getting into character while in disguise. Shadow Weaver began as a apprentice sorceress at a young age and is originally from the Kingdom of Mystacor. Glimmer comes from a happy family, but her childhood is tinged with sadness. He has a mate named Starwind and they have a young colt. Although, once or twice Mantenna actually turns the tables on Hordak and sends him plummeting down his own trap. TV Show: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The 2018 cartoon series Bow is redesigned as a young archer who was raised alongside his brothers by their fathers, historians who wanted no association with the war and intended Bow to succeed them. Hire top voice actors, including authentic, native speakers who can help you execute your creative project with a world of sound: from Albanian to Zulu, … He does not have many major roles in the original He-Man series as it was drawing to a close before the Evil Horde figures were released. After Adora's defection to the Great Rebellion, Lohni would assist Hordak in an attempt to trap Adora after Hordak had imprisoned her father. Perfuma appears in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as the acting ruler of Plumeria and member of the current Princess alliance, having a more hippie-like appearance. She appeared in the first season of the show as one of the Horde's main warriors. In "Loo-Kee Lends a Hand", Light Hope reveals to Loo-Kee the true identities of Prince Adam and Adora as He-Man and She-Ra. In the 2018 series, she is being portrayed as an anthropomorphic cat with heterochromic eyes who was Adora's friend before becoming enemies with her after she joined the Rebellion. Frosta can also freeze objects to the degree that they will shatter when touched or simply localize a small area with snow. Reshma Shetty is a voice actress known for voicing Elodie, Queen Angella, and Angella. However, in the 2002 series Hordak wished to rule over all of Eternia. When Princess Naka-Ra turned down his love for her, there was a struggle which led to Princess Naka-Ra's accidental death. Horde Prime is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series and by Keston John in the 2018 series. Instead, he used his suction cups to drain his enemies' life force.[27]. In her single episode, she is shown to be a powerful member of The Rebellion. During an eclipse, her powers are drastically weakened. She is portrayed to have been originally a disgraced Mystacorian mage named Light Spinner, who left her kingdom long ago and resurfaced as Hordak's second in command with access to the Black Garnet runestone which she learned to draw power from. False Face is voiced by George DiCenzo in the 1980s series. False Face uses his disguise to enter Bright Moon and kidnaps Glimmer and steals the Moonstone, which powers Bright Moon. Admiral Scurvy is a member of the Horde who oversees their naval operations on the Horde Dreadnought. To focus and intensify her magic, she linked her powers with her gold armbands. He serves as a Horde soldier often working alongside fellow cadets Lonnie and Kyle. He then reveals to the viewer where he had been hiding, and then relates the moral of the story. [32][33] Even before the Horde's arrival to Etheria, Scorpia's family were considered outcasts among the royal families. However, since the toy line and cartoon were cancelled shortly afterward, the third season was never made.