Moles found here will invite backstabbing and lots of politicking. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and Privacy Policy. Test Your Marriage Compatibility through Kundali Matching by Date of Birth. Females with moles on the lower lips show studious nature. If it touches your navel, you will rise to become seriously wealthy. Shape. Some people content that moles on the body are marks carried over from past lives. You will have to endure lots of gossiping and backstabbing in your life if you have this mole. There will be financial stability. Moles on our backs denote some kind of burden we have to carry, while moles at the front of our bodies are said to attract success luck. However, they will tend to overspend the earned money. They find good luck in their life and will get riches and wealth. Meaning of moles varies according to their size, color and placement on the body. When the mole is on the left hand, it means money flows out faster than you can make it. Mole on the neck of a female has great patience and intelligence. A mole here suggests you are blessed with obedient children who will bring you much happiness. You do not lack for work and are much in demand at social events. The Chinese believe moles can be lucky or unlucky depending on where they are located, what colour they are, and how large they appear in proportion to our body. Mole on the left side means worries in the life of the individual. This issue we offer this special feature on moles based on information from the Tung Shu and other Taoist sources. It is better to cover it. You should be careful in all your financial dealings, as this mole is a warning mole. These moles are also known as good marriage moles. All rights reserved. They are blessed with wisdom and maturity to act right in every situation. Read on to know which moles are lucky, what are the good marriage moles , which moles represent beauty and much more. Finding a mole on your behind means a sheltered life blessed with good fortune. These women should always prefer a partner who is stronger than them and has good conduct. A mole on this part of the arm suggests that you need to work hard for everything you get. A mole can be a tiny black speck on the feet signifying opportunities for travel, or it can be a dark red dot on the hand, often interpreted as indicating a particular skill or luck associated with one’s hands. This is a mole that suggests someone always on the move. Here is what the Chinese generally have to say about moles on our body. What Are the Lucky Colors for the Year of the Metal... Good & Bad Days to Cut Hair for November 2020. A mole here suggests you should take care of your money, or you could find yourself losing some of your hard-earned cash. Females with moles on the ear tend to be very fortunate. Know what are the meanings of moles on face, what are the lucky moles on a female body and what does the mole on your body indicate. They will be influential and would be able to accomplish their work by manipulating people easily. If there are other indications of success on your palm or paht chee chart, you could rise to great prominence. Practise giving to charity and this will ensure you have plenty of money to spend and to give away. 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A mole at the small of the back indicates a lack of ambition, indecisiveness and a general tendency to prevaricate. Each noticeable mole on our body carries a hidden meaning, or depicts some secret obstacle or unexpected help from someone. You will also be charismatic and popular. This mole indicates you need to work very hard but with a good relationship with people. Moles on Eyes. That person has full potential to achieve … A mole found on the base of your neck can sometimes indicate a short life, with the possibility of being highly stressed out. But you need to take care of your health when you are in your fifties. Mole on the ear is considered as a lucky mole on the body. In Vedic astrology, these unique birthmarks are considered very significant to predict destiny and characteristics of an individual. Moles on the chin are very lucky. Others contend that moles are messages of good fortune and misfortune that reflect important turning points of our life. The smaller the mole, the better, but it should be dark and clearly visible. Men who have a mole at the centre of their back will constantly be plagued by backache. … The ancient Chinese Art of Face Reading provides insight into mole on your face as well as corresponding moles on your body. This is a very happy lady who happens to be extremely loaded. You will enjoy good relationships with most people. Located at the back of the calf, this is a mole of one who is very busy, but it is a “good” type of busy, because it also brings recognition. In certain traditions, the messages of moles were so significant it could even be read as bringing bad luck to the family, or so highly revered that the member of the family with the mole would be highly revered. Mole on the forehead indicates strong confidence and success. A person with a mole on head inspires a lot. But this mole also suggests you have spouse luck, so that is a good indication. They will be reliable and wealthy. People with light skin tend to have more moles. © Copyright 2020 - Sdn Bhd. If you have a mole near or below your nose wing, then it means that you will have a lot of money and there won’t be any financial problems in your life. Many cultures contend of course that the larger and more prominent the mole, the greater its power. They will be intelligent and quick in decision making. Copyright © 2020 Moles can be brown, tan, black, red, blue or pink. Everything will move smoothly in your life and there are also unexpected windfalls. They may have hair growing from them. A mole on the back of a lady indicates one who is perceived as not having class or finesse. Also Read: Know Your Lucky Color According To Your Zodiac Sign. A mole on the outside wrist indicates the possibility of a broken marriage or at least a very unstable love life during the forties, but if it is properly covered with long sleeves the instability could calm down. Mole on Face Meaning – Forehead, Temple, Cheek and Chin. This person has a tendency to be slovenly and messy. Here is the list of lucky moles on the female body and their mole meanings. Such people achieve great height in education. A mole on the stomach signifies one who has everything going for them; your life will be smooth and safe. Again, this is a mole that is best removed. A mole on the inside lower hand area suggests you will deal with money all your life, although the money is not necessarily yours. However, they don’t socialize and prefer to stay alone or with family or close friends only. Getting the results you want could be elusive. Don’t confide in this woman because it is likely she cannot keep a secret. Life will be quite a challenge for you and there will be times when things will not be easy. Others News: Mole Meaning - Moles are the unique birthmarks found on the human body. She will also have great affinity with them. This mole should ideally not be revealed. Some say that the moles on our bodies are in reality secret imprints carried over from our previous lives, stamps of some past karmic deed meant to ripen in this life, good as well as bad.