A. Write the formula of the compound; and iii). Molar Mass Problems 1. Calculate the mass in grams of N2O4 that would contain 86.5 grams of oxygen. 159.62 g/mol B. Briefly explain. What is the mass in grams of the sample? A. Calculate the molar mass of Tylenol (C8H9NO2). Calculate the molar mass of potassium hydrogen phthalate, KHP (HKC8H4O4). A. Divide Avogadro's number by 3. How many carbon atoms are there in pure carbon with a mass of 52 mg? How many moles are in a 45.00 g sample of the element P? What are the units for the molar mass of oxygen and nitrogen? How many grams are in 5.6 moles of water? What is the molar mass of a compound if a gaseous sample has a density of 2.008 g/L at 27 degrees C and 427 torr? Calculate the mass percent composition of each element in C4H8O2. How many grams of sucrose (molar mass is 342.30 g/mol) are in 826 mL of a 1.5 M solution? If the molar mass of a substance is 34.1 g/mol, what is the mass of 3.01 times10(24) molecules of the substance? The molar mass of benzoic acid is 122.13 g/mol. How many moles are in 8.552 x 102 Mg (megagrams) of nickel (III) sulfate? A sample of gas has a mass of 0.535 grams. A 22.8-gram sample of gas is found to have a volume of 1.5 liters at 287 K and 0.98 atm. a. (Enter your answer to four significant figures.) How many grams are in 5.32 x 10^{22} molecules of CO2? i. 2.92 g c. 3.78 x 10-4 g d. 4.66 g. The mass of an evacuated 245-mL flask is 143.157 g. The mass of the flask filled with 261 torr of an unknown gas at 30 degrees Celsius is 144.207 g. Calculate the molar mass of the unknown gas. If the density of the tap water is 1.0g/mL, how many moles of NO_3^- are present in 100.L of this tap water? Calculate the molar mass of the hydrated salt, alum KAl(SO_4)_2.12H_2O. What mass in grams of Mg contains 4.98 x 1024 atoms of Mg? Calculate the molar mass of the acid. The current dietary recommendation is to consume less than 0.10 mol of sodium per day. Explain how you calculated this value. a. Explain the difference between molecular mass and molar mass. 3 grams C. 18 grams C. 36 grams, How many moles of AICl3 are present in 3.75 grams of AlCl3? Please contact the content providers to delete copyright contents if any and email us, we’ll remove relevant links or contents immediately. Dry ice (solid CO2) is primarily used as a cooling agent. a. What does this sample weigh? The formula weight of ammonium sulfate is __________ amu. use C12H22O11 for the general chemical formula of sugar. How many grams of KCl are there in 20 moles of this salt? Write the formula of the compound; and iii). Calculate the number of moles of benzoic acid in the student's sample. How many grams are in 9.05 x 10^{23} atoms of silicon? The molar mass of Mg is a) 24.3 g b) 24.3 amu c) 12.0 g d) 36.3 g. A chemist prepares a solution of potassium dichromate K_2Cr_2O_7 by measuring out 19.3g of potassium dichromate into a 300.mL volumetric flask and filling the flask to the mark with water. A new coordination complex Zr(CHO2)4 for radio medicine PET imaging using 89Zr(IV) (atomic mass = 88.91) was synthesized. Calculate the volume, in milliliters, of a 0.204 M solution of NaOH that will completely neutralize 3.71 mL of a 1.32 M solution of HNO3. (b) If the pressure of the 1.2 cm^3 volume is reduc... A. Calculate the mass of 0.5 moles of (NH_4)_3AsO_4. What is the percent composition of Hg in the compound ? How many moles of HNO3 are present in 450 grams of HNO3? What is the mass in grams of 2.55 moles of C C l 4 ? A 13.7 g sample of a compound exerts a pressure of 2.01 atm in a 0.750 L flask at 399 K. What is the molar mass of the compound? You have 0.8557 grams of an unknown monoprotic acid, HA, which reacts with NaOH according to the following balanced equation: HA + NaOH arrow NaA + H2O If 43.48 mL of 0.1028 M NaOH is required to t... 15.0 grams of Al(NO3)3 has how many grams of NO3-? Identify as molecular, ionic, or acid; ii). 2.26 g Hg c. 1.87 g Bi d. 0.082 g Sr, Which ionic formula is incorrect? Molar Mass Worksheet and Key Answer Key October 19, 2020 Some of the worksheets below are Molar Mass Worksheet and Key Answer Key, learn the 3 useful steps to find the molar mass of any compound with several interesting activities and exercises like calculate the molar … a. 875 grams C. 40.3 grams D. 1.45 x 103 grams E. 515 grams. What is the molar mass of a gas if 12.0 L of the gas at STP has a mass of 16.0 grams? What is the identity of the unknown gas? a. C5H11NO3 b. C7H11NO c. C9H18 d. C4H8N2O4. How many grams of sugar is 4.9 mole of sugar? Choose the correct answer from below and show how you solved: a. Show your setup and calculate the molar mass of the compound. For the substance diphosphorus tetraselenide: i). How many moles are present in 17.4 g of lead? Its volume is 0.225 L at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 886 mmHg. Show your setup and calculate the molar mass of the compound. How many moles are in 6.84 grams of this substance? 16 grams B. 0.0355 mol of Ba C. 43.9 mol of Xe d. 1.3 mol of W. Pennies today are copper-covered zinc, but older pennies are 3.1 {\rm g} of solid copper. How many moles of potassium nitrate is necessary to prepare 116.4 grams of lead(II) nitrate? How many grams of H_2 gas... Laparoscopic surgery involves inflating the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas to separate the internal organs and the abdominal wall. What mass of aluminium chloride must be dissolved to make 45.0 L of a solution with a chloride ion concentration of 0.210 mol/L? Determine mass in grams of 40.0 moles of Na2CO3 5. Assuming you have plenty of HCl, what mass of Al, in g, is required to produce 256.0 g AlCl_3? Determine the molar mass of an unknown monoprotic acid, to two decimal places, if 18.4 mL of a 0.098 M NaOH solution were used to titrate 0.245 g of the unknown acid.