But if behavior problems aren't responding to your discipline strategies, or your child's behavior has started disrupting their education and peer relationships, talk to your pediatrician. African youth: finding solutions to their own problems. Children tend to bully others to feel powerful. While I admire the work of the UN and of some NGOs, I strongly believe that the solution must come from the African youth themselves. The piece provided long lasting solutions to the global youth unemployment. In Canada, the youth unemployment rate is 15.5 percent, while the national average is about half that. 10 Youth Development: Issues, Challenges and Directions and volunteers. yes I do know this I have depression because of school and yes I dont like it … In the spring of 1997 a host of American notables— including three Presidents—gathered in Philadelphia for the President’s Summit to declare their support for “positive youth development”— and to push for more private contributions and volunteers to that end. Also, bullying resolves their social problems easily. If the solution hasn’t worked, go back to step 1 of this problem-solving process and start again. Youth unemployment is a major problem in many countries. Youth belonging from poor economical status easily get involved in criminal activities. In case of any disability parents and teachers should talk to the teens about their problems and they should try to solve their problems. You'll want to rule out any underlying developmental issues, learning disabilities, or medical conditions. Youth unemployment is a global problem and many have tried to conquer them with their own powers but failed. Perhaps the problem wasn’t what you thought it was, or the solutions weren’t quite right. Irrespective of the fact that some have failed in their efforts to provide working solutions to youth unemployment; new practical solutions will not be jettisoned. Often the cause of juvenile delinquency is economic problems in family. Bullying is a serious problem and could result in emotional and physical abuse of the victim. Try to use these skills and steps when you have your own problems to solve or decisions to make. In the United States, youth employment has gone down in the past five years, but it is still at 11.1 percent, while the overall unemployment rate is just 5.5 percent. When dealing with feelings becomes difficult, kids tend to take on bullying to fix things. It has helped me to know about teen and their problems Shianne on June 17, 2018: well I'm a teen and what I have to say is that this year ive been bullied and yes that causes a lot of stress.