You might, however, find good value in other preconfigured variants with 512 GB or 1 TB SSDs, just look at what’s available at the time you’re reading this post. And that’s on the undervolted profile, out of the box it’s going to struggle even more. The excellent build, the IO and the larger 13.9″ touchscreen are still here, having carried on over generations, yet the competition has intensified at the top-end now, and the C930 might no longer have what it takes to be the appropriate choice for some of you. This machines combination of changing hardware and software leaves you with a smaller selection. Lenovo pairs the Yoga 920 with a 65 Wh USB-C charger. Follow this link for updated prices and configurations. As far as performance goes, this laptop handle everyday use and multitasking smoothly. The given stylus seems to small for handling, February 26, 2019 at 11:50 am. Your email address will not be published. A spacious clickpad is placed beneath the keyboard, slightly indented into the frame. Things change a bit when it comes to more demanding loads. There’s also a finger-sensor just beneath the arrow-keys, and it’s, unfortunately, the only biometrical option available, as you can’t get IR cameras with this computer. Thank you for choosing the Lenovo Yoga C930-14 4K model. We’ve spent three weeks with a final retail version of the Yoga C930, and gathered our impressions in the article below, with the strong parts and the quirks that you should be aware of before taking the plunge. As a result, the two fans don’t spin very fast with taxing chores, the CPU only hits about mid 70 degrees Celsius and the bottom shell only hits temperatures of around low 40s, while the competition reaches high 40s and even 50s, with louder fans. For me, the C930 makes more sense as a laptop, despite the fact that it’s a convertible with a 360-degrees screen and can also be switched into a tablet. It's not out out of the box and use the ol' software. 2. I’d opt for 16 GB of RAM if possible, given how the RAM is non-upgradeable and 8 GB of RAM might prove insufficient down the road, but I’d otherwise stick to the base model and even upgrade the SSD myself, as Lenovo’s upgrade options are expensive. Lenovo has made a bold move with the C930 by swapping out the signature feature of the Yoga line--the watchband hinge that has traditionally enabled the notebook to switch between its various modes (laptop, tent, tablet, etc). One can only hope. It’s still rather minimalist, without HDMI or a card-reader, but includes a full-size USB-A slot and two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3, which should cover all needs, albeit you’d have to buy some adapters on the side. Speaking of quality control, let’s get to the screen options. That, however, took precious interior space and is perhaps the main reason why the battery is smaller now. ... with a 4K display, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, goes for … Especially godd articles of more than cosmetics. The fact that they are totally flat, not slightly concave as on other Lenovo laptops, doesn’t help their cause either, but my nit is nonetheless with the feedback, as I normally appreciate flat short-stroke keyboards. We also ran some of the tests on the -90 mV undervolted profile, and here’s what that lead to: All in all, my experience with the Yoga C930 is on par with the previous Yoga 910/920s, which were excellent daily-use machines as well, but struggled with performance in continuous demanding chores. Of course, these will only matter if you’re planning on putting this laptop to some serious work. The former is another consumer laptop with very similar traits and flaws, including dim screen options and deficient load performance, but smaller, lighter and more affordable, while the latter are nicer productivity laptops with better screens, improved performance and typing experience, but at the same time more expensive in most regions. It’s made by Synaptics, gets Precision drivers and a glass-surface, so feels comfortable to the touch and performs well with everyday use, taps and gestures. It gets a discrete physical cover, which is great for privacy, but the image quality is fairly poor and there’s no set of IR cameras, even if there would have been plenty of space for it on that top bezel. An FHD model starts at $1,199.99, meanwhile. It checks a lot of the right boxes, with excellent craftsmanship, great and discrete looks, a fairly good IO, latest hardware specs and pretty good battery life. This time around Lenovo opted for a split bar-hinge that integrates the branding and a set of front-firing stereo speakers, making it some sort of laptop soundbar, and the improvements in audio-quality are significant. The "Yoga" family name originally signified the ability to rotate the laptop's screen 360 degrees to transform it into a … At the CRN Test Center we've been trying out the 4K model of the 13.9-inch laptop, and our first takeaway is that springing for the 4K display might not be the worst decision. March 27, 2019 at 4:47 pm. It also gets a big touchscreen with pen support and excellent speakers this time around. For comparison, the XPS 13 stabilizes at around 85 degrees Celsius and 23 W TDP, which translates in scores of around 580-600 points out of the box, so roughly a 20% gain over the C930, while others stabilize at 15W TDP, but higher temperatures, so still run 5-15% faster. For the first time in many years, the top-series Yoga no longer uses that watchband design, which in all honesty was a marvelous piece of kit, but took a fair bit of space without providing much in return. There are two fans inside this laptop and a heatpipe hooked to both of them, a fairly basic implementation, but similar to what other thin-and-lights are using, including the Dell XPS 13. Well, Lenovo has chosen fairly low TDP and thermal thresholds for this laptop, in order to keep temperatures/noise at bay, which leads to poorer high-load performance than on other ultraportables with similar specs. In the real world, the Yoga C930 handled our multi-tasking habits with ease. As a notebook, you’re not going to notice the weight or proportions as much. Lenovo hat seine Yoga-Serie neu aufgelegt und das schicke Topmodell Lenovo Yoga C930-13IKB (81EQ000HGE) zum Test antreten lassen. Unique industry intelligence, management strategies and forward-looking insight delivered bi-monthly. Lenovo doesn’t offer this computer with Whiskey Lake hardware, but as you’ll see down below, that wouldn’t have made any real-life difference even if it did. Keep in mind that everything except storage is soldered on the motherboard, so while accessing the interior is effortless after removing the several Torx screws the hold the bottom panel attached, you might not need to to do that. The inner edges are also sharp and bity, just like on the previous generations, and your wrists will feel them in certain conditions, but the large palm-rest actually helps here. Ideally, such a computer should be able to run completely quiet with daily use on one hand, as well as provide excellent performance on the other, even if that would come with somewhat noisier fans and higher case temperatures. I agree  Find out more  About cookies. Webcam privacy filter. And after I received it I also start searching for dust under glass. That’s not an issue for advanced typers, but could be for the average user. I can see why some might prefer this route, but I for one would at least want some sort of option in the settings that would allow for increased performance when needed, with the associated increased noise/temps, alongside the ability to switch to this more tamed down profile for regular use. Receive notification when applications open for lists and awards. The layout is fine if you can look past the small up/down keys and lack of dedicated secondary HOME/END etc. But we were able to get 7.5 hours of battery life on a charge, with heavy usage and the display set to the "brighter" setting in Windows. Speaking of battery life, that's another highlight of the Yoga C930.