Hywel probably already controlled Dyfed by the time he assumed his father's lands in Ceredigion. Hywel was the son of King Cadell of Seisyllwg. ("Episode 4.6") Holywel, Wealas; A Welsh guard travels to Holywell in search of King Hywel. From this would Hywel Dda work to form the new Kingdom of Deheubarth, which would form the south-western quarter of modern Wales. However, as they attempt to flee, the Danes trap them within the flames, allowing Sigtryggr and his men to finish off what’s left of the Welsh. The fictional character of Rhodri lives only a few years after the real life figure. Family Now that the war is over, Hywel is going on a pilgrimage and he wants Rhodri to rule in his absence. [7] In 934, Hywel supported Æthelstan's invasion of Scotland. Family Hywel The Last Kingdom, based on the Saxon Stories novels of Bernard Cornwell, re-tells the history of King Alfred the Great and his desire to unite the many separate kingdoms into what would become England. Hywel probably already controlled Dyfed by the time he assumed his father's lands in Ceredigion. See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by . Shot with arrows by Dane soldiers. Deceased However, Hywel isn't interested in an alliance. Television Series A barrier between them and the Saxons. Later in his reign, he was able to leverage his close association with Athelstan and the English crown to great effect in his ambitions within Wales. Significant Other(s) As such Hywel became king of nearly all of Wales except for Morgannwg and Gwent in the south.[9]. Family An internationally-recognised expert in Anglo-Saxon Winchester and King Alfred, he is the author of the award-winning book Alfred’s Wars: Sources and Interpretations of Anglo-Saxon Warfare in the Viking Age (Woodbridge: Boydell 2010). Additionally, in the show Rhodri was Hywel's brother, whereas in history, he was Hywel's son. However, the king doesn’t make treaties with Saxons. (assumed) Rhodri then orders for her to be thrown into the pit. By normal custom Idwal's crown should have passed to his sons, but Hywel intervened. He had a brother, Clydog, who was probably the younger of the two. Residence The historian Dafydd Jenkins sees in them compassion rather than punishment, plenty of common sense and recognition of the rights of women. ("Episode 4.8"), Wealas; King Hywel and his men return to Wealas. Dirty Blonde/Light Brown Hywel then reveals that Pyrlig offered them the spoils of battle in return for their assistance. Owain - SonRhodri - SonEdwin - Son Novel Series The local health board of south-west Wales also bears his name. As a result Hywel was more powerful than … Hywel was born c.880 and died in 948, at roughly 68 years of age. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [4], In 926 or 928 Hywel made a pilgrimage to Rome, becoming the first Welsh prince to undertake such a trip and return. Portrayer [3] However, Clydog died in 920, evidently leaving the whole realm to Hywel. He shows her a blade, claiming it belonged to Cnut, but Brida knows that it doesn't. He finds him at the cross and delivers him the head of another Welsh guard, … Hywel and Clydog seem to have ruled Seisyllwg together following their father's death and jointly submitted to Edward the Elder of Englandin 918. Though surprised by this revelation, Edward does not contest it. Nor will he be doing anymore favours. No king is recorded after the death of Llywarch in 904, and Hywel's marriage to Llywarch's only surviving heir probably ensured that the kingdom came into his hands. He proposes this strengthens their union. He stands with his men at the other end of the field. Hywel approaches her, he refers to her as the lady warrior and can’t believe men died to defeat her. ("Episode 4.8"). He doesn’t want to give her the satisfaction. Last Appearance This gave Rhodri no standing to claim the kingship of Seisyllwg himself, but he was able to install his son Cadell as a subject king. King Hywel tells Rhodri to have some grace in victory. Cadell died around 911, and his lands in Seisyllwg appear to have been divided between his two sons Hywel and Clydog. Following Hywel's death in 948,[5] his kingdom was soon split into three. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (Llywelyn the Last) (1246–1282) (used title Prince of Wales from 1258 onwards) Dafydd ap Gruffydd (1282–1283) (not crowned but claimed the title) Madog ap Llywelyn (1294–1295) (not crowned but claimed the title)

Uhtred (36 episodes, 2015-2020) Eliza Butterworth. Rhodri is seemingly based on the real life historical figure of Rhodri ap Hywel who was the King of Deheubarth from 950 to 953. ("Episode 4.4"), Deheubarth, Wealas; Brida works as a slave for the Welsh. Hywel’s name is associated with the laws of Medieval Wales, which are commonly known as the Laws of Hywel Dda (Welsh: Cyfraith Hywel). ("Episode 4.6"), Holywel, Wealas; A Welsh guard travels to Holywell in search of King Hywel. Kirby suggests that it may have been the action of a pragmatist who recognized the realities of power in mid-10th century Britain. [5][6] Upon his return he forged very close relations with Æthelstan of England. Hywel's reign was a violent one, but he achieved an understanding with Athelstan of England whereby Athelstan and Hywel ruled part of Wales jointly.