Here, you'll get a glimpse of the traditional and authentic side of Japan. It only takes a few minutes to realize that Kawagoe is oversold. Historically a bustling commercial supply town, Kawagoe thrived throughout the Edo and Meiji periods. In this context Kawagoe, located half an hour north-west of Tokyo, is often cited. Dating back to the Edo period of 1603-1867, this “Little Edo” is tucked away in Saitama Prefecture, under an hour north of Tokyo. Anyone walking in the old town today will feel like they have stepped back in time to the Edo period thanks to the traditional houses called Karazukuri. Tokyo Shorts – Kawagoe “Little Edo” David 31st July 2013 26th July 2015 Comments 2 1 min read While technically in Saitama rather than Tokyo proper, the small city of Kawagoe (川越) makes for the perfect day trip from the megalopolis at just a 30 minute ride from Ikebukero Station. The town earned the nickname due to its close relationship with Edo, the former name of Tokyo during the Tokugawa Shogunate. These days … Kawagoe, Architectural Styles Rub Shoulders. Go rent a kimono or yukata. Kawagoe is quite famous in the Kanto area. Kawagoe developed as a castle town of the Kawagoe clan. However, it's always worth visiting, as there is so much to see. Indeed, the city is nicknamed "little Edo" for its buildings made of wood and clay of the eponymous era. So I decided to take a walk there to see what was going on. Kawagoe (“Little Edo”) July 7, 2018 My final adventure of the weekend was Kawagoe in nearby Saitama Prefecture; known as “Little Edo,” Kawagoe (川越) is located about 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo. It is referred to as “Little Edo.” Its close proximity makes it a perfect destination for a day tour. According to its nickname “Little Edo,” I was expecting to see an old city having the appearance preserved since the Edo Period (1603-1868). Kawagoe is an ideal destination for a getaway from Tokyo, for anyone wishing to glimpse Japan from the past. Thirty minutes away from Central Tokyo is Kawagoe City in the Saitama Prefecture. Every year more than five million sightseers visit this small little Edo-style town, also known as “Little Edo” or “ko-edo” in Japanese. Kawagoe is a town full of nostalgic charm, and it wouldn’t be out of place if samurai were to appear… One of the highlights of the Kawagoe “Little Edo” Tour is its enriching cultural experiences, such as kimono wearing; tea ceremony; geisha; visiting a sake brewery and soy sauce factory; traditional arts and crafts. Kawagoe is known as Koedo or Little Edo.