College has helped me build my communication skills, aptitude abilities. It helped me to grow both academically and as a person. I²IT ambience is one to aspire for. The call for the applications for CITAPP Winter School is open now. What impressed me is the Excellent infrastructure and the greenery around this clean campus. Along with academics, a lot of different activities on campus allowed me to polish my talents and have an overall development. Is a place where your voice is heard and your opinion matters. Seem like a joyous journey. Professors here are experts in their respective fields and are very friendly. International Institute of Information Technology, Hinjawadi, Pune has become the most enthralling journey in my life. I²IT is the platform on which I’ve enhanced my skills of engaging with new people and learning the essence of teamwork when we come together to work on new ideas to solve the problems faced in technological progress. International Conference On Computational Intelligence - ICCI 2020,DECEMBER 12-13, 2020. The International Institute of Information Technology (I²IT), Pune [pronounced as I Square IT] was established by Late Shri. The cooperative and liberal faculty members urge the students to think and come up with innovative ideas, techniques on their own. The shaping process is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HINJAWADI, PUNE The placement department also assists students in improving their basic aptitude and communication skill, while they are in their mid-years of engineering so that students won’t face any problems during their placements in the final year. I 2 IT has a beautiful campus and smart classes. E & TC engineering has played a pivotal role in improving quality of human life and also contributed to the economic growth. The college also has an EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) for the students aspiring to start their businesses and also offers subsidies to such emerging business ideas. Faculty members in the college are very helpful. I²IT is a perfect combination of art, athletics and academics. My knowledge and confidence has been boosted after coming here. Our knowledge and skills have been stretched and tested at many points, But in all those stretching, pulling and shaping processes the only aim of I²IT as a whole is committed to make their College opened paths for me to explore various opportunities including my opportunity to be part of AIT Thailand, Innovation & Leadership Camp. I²IT Placement Department is one of the most versatile departments in the college. At I²IT, I discovered that it is not enough to gain a technical education – knowledge must be channeled in a meaningful way to achieve equity and sustainability of society. For me, I²IT is not just a college but a source of opportunities that helped me develop an all-round personality. Different events and sessions arranged by the college have certainly boosted my confidence to a great extent. All the professors are very helpful and they guided us all the time. with Placements, Admissions eligibility, application form … They helped me a lot with my technical and professional aspirations. I think alongside academics the college provides us opportunities to explore a wide variety of co-curricular activities related to music , drama , sports. I am really thankful for the support given by our faculty and the training & placement department. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the IT Department for their support and encouragement, this would not be possible without them.”. Dhruva is a three-day quintessential event, wherein people from other colleges also come to participate. The institute’s library is a pool of knowledge and provides the students with various resources like books, papers, periodicals. As I go down this road, am going to cherish the memories & opportunities, this college gave to me. It is a place where students can share their aspirations. I was shy to speak in front of a crowd, and a self-proclaimed introvert. As an IT student it provided me with a wide arena of the field and thus allowed me learn something new at every step.