Grottos Trail is very popular. Rifle, CO – Ice Cave. Climbing Area Map This ... Park at the grotto wall day use, walk across the wood bridge and follow the signs to the Ice caves. -Daryn Butler. From the parking lot, start on the Piedra River Trail for several hundred yards, then follow the old road bed to the right. The early start also explains the no makeup look. Directions to the Ice Caves: Follow the directions to the Piedra River Trail to access this trail. The Ice Caves Climbing. The Ice Castles are back for the fourth time in Colorado, and soon you can check them out in Dillon. All Locations > Colorado > Independence Pass > Grottos Day Use Area. Route Finder - Best Climbs for YOU! The Lower Ice Cave is an open area of rock where ice covers the front to create an ice cave. The perpetual Ice Cave is a natural phenomenon made possible by a combination of physical factors forming a natural ice box; a 20 foot thick mass of ice accumulating in a well insulated cave of porous lava and shaped just right to trap cold air, continually generating new ice as rain water and snow melt seep down and freeze. To be the crowds, do what my friend Lisa and I did. This is an easy, short trail up Ice Cave Ridge. It is officially open and even more amazing than we could have imagined! This is a winter site found along Koper’s Trail in Rifle Mountain Park. 9 Total Climbs. As one of the more photographed displays Colorado offers, the ice castles allow visitors the opportunity to walk inside and around 25 million pounds of ice with an ever-changing colored display of twinkling LED lights embedded into the ice itself. The Grottos Trail off of Independence Pass near Aspen, Colorado, has geological wonders including unusual boulders, an ice cave and cascading waterfall. Great news, Colorado: Do you remember a few weeks ago when we mentioned that an elaborate ice castle was coming to Colorado? You Will Never Forget Your Visit To This Unbelievable Colorado Ice Cave. Photo by Dillon Colorado Facebook. Get to the trailhead before 7 a.m. We started hiking about 6:45 a.m. and had it to ourselves. The fissures on the side of the ridge contain snow deposited through the winter, protected from the sun. Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado.