(What I wouldn't give for a 41/42 hybrid, but that will never happen.). World's Most Precise RPN Calculators. absolutely! They are advertising it as a high end scientific. My thoughts exactly, a notable pioneering implementation of Equations, worth the learning curve. A built-in constants library, I guess? At least copying without some manner of conversion. Not quite what I am looking for. What is it missing that the 15C has? I must admit however, it's very good looking. I confirmed them before I added them so they all were bugs. Ps. It doubles the number of bank registers in the 15c -- 64*7 = 448 bytes. Some might have been addressed in the meantime. I recently trashed my HP-35S because of a very flaky keyboard. Much nicer than the 42S, IMHO. I'm going to place my own caret marks below each die to indicate they can be toggled with the soft keys. It's a design for the working professional, a market that has been practically forgotten by calculator manufacturers in the face of the rise of the microcomputer and th… It is somewhat cool. I don't leave programs on my 15c long. PS? Not only because of its menu system, but also because there is only one shift key. What does the number 123456788abcdef0h turn into on a 15C? ;-). Maybe there is hope that a 35sII could be successfully executed to its full potential. corresponding firmware can be leveraged via running it unaltered The keys on the 42s arnt light years better than the 35s, infact he sloped keys are nice. If I were to do a scientific repurposing of the Voyager hardware, starting with the 15LE makes more sense than starting with the 12C. It is the only one of the three with complex gamma built in e.g. Theyre ok, but have less programs in them. Emu42 is an emulator for the hp 42s vs hp 35s emulator hp 42s vs hp 35s emulator Pioneer series calculators HP14B, HP17B, HP17BII, HP27S, HP32SII and HP42S and for the Clamshell Apps series calculators HP19BII and HP28S. ) Not a bug My everyday calculator is a 42S I bought in 1989. There is nothing in the 35s bugs list article involving any of these computations or anything even close to them. 4. Most of us are getting it for nostalgia and because it has a unique form factor. I love it that more programming functions are accessible without menus. In our modern world, why the hell would anyone want to start out new with something like that?!! Other than entry and display, and ability to directly store and recall complex values, the 15c has better complex number support. The program needs to have numbers and/or expressions in it and as far as I'm aware nobody has isolated the cause of the problem. Like I said, about the only significant item is matrix math, which includes vectors. 6 dont get it, works either way The problem is that we oldsters have long memories of the great past products that set HP apart from all the other calc manufacturers. calculator. I think a replacement for the segment display needs to happen 1985 native graphic matrix display support in a year 2011 What about the 34S???? As for editing it, as I've already pointed out, I'm quite happy and willing to do so. I have only worked for small companies, and yet I have still seen some really goofy things happen. That was also my opinion when I first noticed the tan bug on the HP-33S five years ago. I have a Ben NanoNote on my shelf which would come close if it only had a more calculator friendly keyboard. increasingly questioning to what extent the real-world I enter equations faster as RPN than I do into an equation edition but that is a personal thing. I've not really been following developments in SoCs for a couple of years now. I assume you mean #14 :-) Again, can someone confirm this and I'll note it as fixed in recent firmware. It is more a case of the 15c not having a huge amount of memory. If you are seriously interested in writing programs on/for a calculator, I strongly recommend that you skip past the 35s and get a 50G. I'd rather have more functions directly available from the keyboard, like in the HP-15C. But even if the stock PCB doesn't furnish access to the Today's market is intolerant of such high pricing, and the result is something like the HP-35s. I have not extensively tested these functions, just a few random points. HP42s and DM42 features Hewlett Packard 97 S I/O Calculator Part 1 How to Program the HP 35s: Angle Between Two 3D Vectors Simulating CoVID-19 transmission with and without social distancing using the HP 35S RPN calculatorhp 35s - programmer HP 35s Programmable Scientific Calculator Review and Tutorial Hp 35s SAS.mpg Easycogo HP 35s Inverse Demo The querty keyboard makes the TI 92(+) and Voyage 200 more appealing to me then the functionally identical TI-89. Conversion is straightforward. A comparison of the HP 35s and the TI 36X Pro, primarily looking at their functions, ease of use, and their suitability for use on the FE and PE exams. It would be nice if HP would make one calculator that is includes all these small advamces in the one machine. For instance, the search key site:www.hpmuseum.org 35S + checksum will return about 121 results, the first of which being, http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv017.cgi?read=121069. - yet that's going to be an even harder nut to crack, specially if it's true that the source code is lost. I don't use my 35s much because of all its annoying issues and lower quality keyboard and display. defined by the 15c and there is certainly an argument to Scientific projects require accuracy, functionality and dependability for success. Try the software library on this site. And what range of z resp. For the implication of these 2 bugs, see the italics in the 'remarks' section of my post below on complex arcsin & arccos.Regards,-B. Of course you have that capability with the 48 series calcs (solver but with RPL) but now we are talking larger graphing calculators. etc.. Read : HP 35s Vs TI 36X Pro. Nice catch Ángel. And the biggest disappointment is, no fixes being made. Is the accuracy on solve and integration as good as 35s? As you point out, the manual says that ON-D should be followed by CLx. I think snaggs is referring to a thread a few weeks ago in which he "debunked" some of the reported bugs. Its great for discrete equations, and doesnt use up any labels! originally intended character is a context sensitive mapping, maintenance. a COG extension or interconnect flange which will cause the Even if you know how to build a MISO solver it still takes much longer to input on the WP34s vs the hp35s. Yes, yes and how fast? It may be possible to best that effort as you describe above I own only the hp35s and the wp34s. Tried typing '3/2' into a cell and it came up with an error. http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv020.cgi?read=190102#190102. I was in 9th grade. Once in complex mode I do not have to do anything special to do complex operations. The existing ARM cpu has sufficient RAM for the memory expansion I linked to. #15 one doesn't return a result. Try putting [nl] at the end of the lines or wrap it up in [pre]...[/pre]. But the more I thought about it the more it seemed like a Sure you can program your own, but it is a very steep learning curve. technical limitations have largely become non-issues. I was thinking more along the lines of what a repurposing project could do with a 14-segment LCD or a dot-matrix LCD with the required supporting hardware installed in a Voyager package. No problem. IIRC, I had a few issues with the bottom row of my 35s. BTW, having same problem with '+' on my 30b (or more accurately my 29.5b). The bug list just says "dud" and this they are, they are both incorrect and they could easily be better. The program size certainly is wrong. The HP 35s is just slightly larger in width and height than HP’s earlier pocket scientific offerings, but thanks to modern technology, quite a bit thinner. In another set, other group of programs; and another, mostly free for heavy matrix work. aside, bottom line cost just isn't a reasonable argument to And the legacy Using binary coding per the 42S manual, a column containing three vertical dots and the borders has to be 101010101. P.S. Agreed. The HP-15C is smaller, yet its performance is way better :-), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=devOI5sFDJk&feature=pyv, Time to start agitating for an HP-16C LE reissue, I think. But nostalgia It also doesn't mention keyboard quality. ), Well, the 35s cannot do hyperbolic and inverse trig in the complex domain. "This video is not available in your country"? of love" open source collaborative effort.