It just allows other family members on the father’s side to take the DNA test. Completing a DNA Test without Father is done everyday. There are many other ways to prove paternity and sometimes just as easy and as affordable. Please note, having the mother involved increases the accuracy of the DNA Paternity testing … DNA is collected from the mother with a simple blood draw, and DNA is collected from the possible father using a cheek swab; Both samples are then sent to the lab for analysis; The test analyzes free-floating fetal DNA from the mother’s plasma and compares it to the mother’s own DNA … Regardless of who is instructing the DNA test, written authority is needed from all adults whose samples are provided for testing. The first option to consider is whether or not there is a biological (DNA) sample available from the Alleged Father … How Non-Invasive Testing Works. This is simply referred to as Family Relationship DNA Testing. 1. Can DNA testing be done without the father? 3. A DNA test known as an avuncular DNA test can be performed between the alleged father’s sibling, the child, and the mother. Several DNA testing options are available in situations where the alleged father (AF) is missing, unavailable, deceased or simply unwilling to cooperate. It could be done. Father is unaware or does not consent to a DNA test. It is illegal to obtain a DNA sample from a father for testing without his knowledge. Yes. Here some examples, A used q-tip, hair follicles … The best way to accomplish this task would be by using a forensic sample from the father. From here, you can then test … If the parents are unavailable and the alleged father has siblings. Well, do not let that stop you from testing. DNA Test Methods.