dried birch logs cut to 10 inch (25 cm).split size 2-5 inch (5-13cm).if looking for other cutting length or special split size contact us. below 1%. Birch burns slightly more quickly than Oak & Ash but nevertheless generates a very good heat output, bright lively flames and a very nice aroma and because it … Our logs are also suitable for Pizza Ovens and Fire Pits. Kiln dried birch firewood logs for sale free delivered based to most UK postcodes. Sheffield’s Finest Kiln Dried Ash, Oak and Birch. Kiln dried birch firewood logs for sale free delivered based to most UK postcodes. This firewood is baked in a kiln to extract all moisture from the logs so they burn hotter and longer than regular firewood. Please note, however, that external packaging of your pallet or sample pack will not be plastic-free in order to protect the contents from moisture. Kiln Dried Ash, Birch, Oak. Kiln Dried Birch. kindlings packed 2kg per each bag.opportunity to choose plastic or net bags. we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Register New account or use guest checkout option for all orders. Consistent length and variable split sizes, to give a mixture of easy-to-light and long-burning logs. in 2m3 crate has more logs than in 3m3 loose pile.dimensions of economical 2m3 crate are46x33x80 inch(117x85x203cm).each 1723 lb (781.5 kg).32 crates fills in 45 ft container. Kiln Dried Birch. Pure, hardwood, kiln-dried birch logs. Pure, hardwood, kiln-dried birch logs. For instance buy three barrow bags and save 15€ with a unit price of 50€. Kindling. Password reset for order history may not work. Cut from softwood pallets they burn hot to … Ash content. Kiln Dried Birch from £116.25 Kiln Dried Tipper Loads Kiln Dried Ash from £122.50 Kiln Dried Tipper Loads Kiln Dried Hornbeam from £122.50 Kiln Dried Tipper Loads Kiln Dried Oak from £122.50 Premium Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs Handy Bag from £14.30 Premium Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs.03m Dinky Bag from £4.85 Chopped Kindling Net from £3.60. Your loyalty rewards will be auto applied during the checkout. Dismiss. Quality birch wood fuel in Standard, Flexi & Large size Crates as well as 40 and 80 22l net options. Kiln Dried Birch Logs also provide a great heat output and flame and are almost just as good as Ash. below 10% . Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter and newer miss important updates! We also sell kiln dried firewood for as little as €55 a bag or even less on bulk orders. A password will be sent to your email address. Kiln dried birch logs make excellent firewood – they catch fire quickly and warm your home faster than the other hardwood species, making them ideal if you use your stove or log burner primarily in the evenings or at the weekend. This is the best quality firewood for your wood burning stove, multi fuel stove or open fire. Arnies Logs Kiln Dried Firewood with Free Delivery to Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. 01736 78 07 07 01326 73 74 75 01209 58 58 58. delivery to door all around Ireland and Great Britain.want delivery to other place?feel free to contact us. Burn time is slightly less compared to oak, ash and beech, but burns very hot with a bright flame. Dried to optimum levels of 15% Kiln Dried Firewood logs gives the perfect log every time for your stove. After that the best way to save is to use Kiln dried logs in stoves to get the best heat for your money. We supply only the best kiln dried logs, ready to use on your log burners, open fires, braziers, barbecues, chimeneas and fire pits - delivered to your door. 8.5. Kindling ideal for the early stage of your fire. good firewood logs are kiln dried to below an average of 18% moisture content. need practical or choose more economical way.