We see 2 small bumps for when I tried [WHM] and [WAR]. FINAL FANTASY XI: The 11th title sees a few of its denizens magically teleported to Eorzea for fun seasonal events. I started the game back in May this year as [BRD]. The worlds of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI are coming together today for "The Maiden’s Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen Realm" collaboration event. As the EXP, time played of the first job is mainly through MSQ, it may explain the relatively slow increase for the 1st 72 of that job. FINAL FANTASY XII: The generals, lieutenants, & other big wigs of the Garlean army have armor inspired from the Judges of the 12th games invading empire. Final Fantasy XIV … Final Fantasy XI has stayed alive for this long, despite the existence of Final Fantasy XIV, because they are so distinct from one another, FFXIV isn’t able to cannibalize FFXI’s player base.