Fender Deluxe Upgrade Bass Bridge As found on American Deluxe Series 4 String Basses! 3 Fender Custom Shop ’60s Jazz Bass Pickups. 4.9 out of 5 stars 319. It goes without saying that we must see what Fender have on offer as pickups for their Jazz bass. $27.71 $ 27. Originally released as an upgrade to American Standard Series basses in 2008. Fender USA American Standard Upgrade Bass Bridge, 0075124049 Chrome plated steel bridge plate with BIG diecast sustain bar attached. A cool thing about this bridge is that you have the option of loading the strings from the back lip of the bridge plate. Fender Vintage Bass Bridge Assembly for American Vintage Jazz Bass and Precision Bass. 71. Fender 4 hole mounting pattern replacement bridge Hipshot Vintage 5-String Bridges String-Through model The Hipshot 5 String Vintage Bass Bridge gives you the vibe of the classic bent-plate design with much needed improvements where it counts. 0058396000. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. While they are recognized in the eyes of some as being the most important influential guitar manufacturer over the years, they have had some ups and downs. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Bridges (10) Controls and Switches (27) Knobs, Kits, and Pickup Covers (10) Miscellaneous Parts (2) Mounting Hardware (16) Necks (14) Pickguards and Backplates (10) Plates and Covers (12) Strap Locks and Buttons (7) String Guides and Nuts (11) Tuning Machines (8) American Original (3) Controls & Switches (1) Custom Shop (2) Fender (1) Brass will have a lot more sustain due to its higher weight but, unfortunately, will be a lot more “round” sounding with less of a punch due to less vibration transfer into the body of the bass. $52.80 $ 52. Chrome plated steel bridge plate. Squier Jazz Bass with an upgraded bridge An aluminum bridge is very lightweight and can have a very punchy sound, however due to the light weight of the part the sustain of the notes can be lacking. FREE Shipping . Hipshot KickAss High-mass Bass Bridge for 5-bolt Fender, Chrome. 4.8 out of 5 stars 86. 80.