My mom cooks dinner at home and i help out. That means a full pizza contains 1,850 calories and 3,400 mg of sodium, while a half pizza contains 925 calories and 1,700 mg of sodium. Digiorno's new croissant crust is so bland it mutes flavors from the rest of the pizza. The DiGiorno Croissant Crust Four Cheese Pizza is not all that much different from the hand-tossed version of this pizza. The three DiGiorno Croissant Crust pizzas will be available at Target nationwide in May 2020, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. 1 year ago. It will expand to additional national retailers soon, as well. I moved from Ecuador to NY a few years ago! That maybe puts into perspective how healthy this pizza actually is — or isn’t. Depending on the store, the pies will vary from $6.49 to $7.49 each. 3 / 10 I got it for free thanks to a coupon, and I'm glad it was, because I wouldn't have been happy if I had paid money for this. Part of that roughness is trying DiGiorno’s newest pizza creation, the Croissant Crust Pizza, the four cheese variation. The rest of the pizza oddly enough feels less greasy than your standard Digiorno affair despite mostly looking like standard Digiorno pizza.