Boss: Capra Demon & Dogs | The dogs and the size of this room makes the boss ridiculously annoying. From here, go back to the bridge. First slide takes you to the fifth prism stone, then the next slide you won't see much as there are no more stones to follow. After the fight, open the large doors. Shards, Large Shards, Large Chunks, and Slabs of all colors. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Once inside, if you have a divine weapon or spells then you can fight freely. Make sure you're human. Do not underestimate the size of the boss, he covers a lot of ground. You'll see a corpse loot. Whenever he moves over here possibly related to your time in Anor Londo, he will begin selling some of his spells, but you need 15 Intelligence. Key Item: Cage Key | The first fork on the large catwalk, you can jump across if you jump on the left side. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue. Back at the Firelink Shrine, talk to him and select “Yes” to get the Emit Force miracle spell. Side Note: There's another ring behind the grave. The far right chest is a mimic. A hollow is waiting to push a giant ball onto you when you go up the stairs, bait him into doing so. Go upstairs some more and onto the catwalk where a crossbow hollow is shooting at you. Transient Curse x2 | To the right of the base of the stairs in a pot behind the wall. You'll probably aggro the second Gargoyle here, his tail doesn't drop anything. Halfway through the lake, you should see a giant tree on the left. Other than that, get used to learning how to roll and managing stamina. Now from here, if you drop down the spiral staircase some more you'll meet Blacksmith Vamos who will open up a path at the bottom. Continue here. Exhaust her dialogue again. Dark Souls Remastered Covenant guide; Dark Souls Remastered: UNDEAD ASYLUM. Key Item: Peculiar Doll | Return to the very first spawn point of the game in the cell. This will only cover boss weapons and weapon drops. Drop down. It can be accessed where you saved Dusk in Darkroot Garden. Siegmeyer of Catarina was sitting outside of here if you talked to him. If you're cooping with friends, you can drop trade them to lower playthrough amount. Make sure you have the Peculiar Doll key item from Undead Asylum Revisited. Ring the bell. He will only sell it if you've spoken to him before while infected with the egghead. Heads up, equip some poison healing and use a shield. Open this one. You will now be located at the boulder mechanism and can direct it any path you want. You'll be faced with a Gargoyle. After that, exhaust his dialogue. Entering the fog gate will make Gwyndolin hostile (duh, boss fight). Her sword swipes cannot reach point blank so you're able to attack her while hugging her as she swings. In this Dark Souls Remastered Guide we’re going to show you the easiest root through the game, as well as things you don’t want to miss when you are in each location. Make sure to pick the opposite ending to what you picked in your first playthrough. Now if you pass the channeler and turn left. The focus of this guide is achievements. once you exit the elevator, go straight and up the ramp between the walls. Go up the stairs. From there, head downstairs passed Andre of Astora and you'll find a Titanite Demon. Make your way to the boss. Rinse repeat. Kill the last Chaos Eaters, then talk to Siegmeyer until he has no more dialogue. Be wary of pressure plates and misplaced enemies. Rotate the boulder contraption and point it towards the leaning serpent wall. In this next room, you'll get an ambushing enemy as well as another path to the boulder. Take the first right, then the first left. From the bonfire, go up and head straight past Patches. If you're carrying a hefty number of souls, I would equip the Ring of Sacrifice here. Bonfire: Lost Izalith Entrance | Solaire is here. Make sure you keep the Straight Sword Hilt. Knight's Honor: Velka's Rapier | Once outside, break the wooden wall to the right to find this, Key Item: Dark Ember | Once outside, go straight and down the stairs passed several pus enemies to find this on a petrified blacksmith, Miracle: Vow of Silence | Once outside, take the left at the fork and go up the stairs. Bonfire: Undead Burg | Just across a wooden bridge after encountering the Hellkite Dragon. Take it and go up. Just before the wooden planks, there is a pot containing a 2x Transient Curse. Defeat his hollowed form to get the White Dragon Breath sorcery. If you didn't, he will relocate inside regardless. Make your way all the way down to the bottom. Favorited. Back to where we were, behind the gate before the door is a merchant. Key Item: Fire Keeper Soul | To the right across the catwalk from the first wall. Take the stairways from the current floor to the upper floor and use the switch midway. You only need to do this once per playthrough, the offer to buy will always remain afterwards. Otherwise, head to the doorway to the right just before him and proceed to the boss. The ring is in the tomb behind him. Head to Eingyi next to the Daughter of Chaos bonfire, purchase Toxic Mist for 25,000 souls if you haven't yet. To your right is the Female Undead Merchant. You should have Darkmoon Blade from the Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant, if not you must do this in NG+. At the bottom, take the right stairs up and open the door to unlock the shortcut back to the Undead Burg bonfire. Talk to him to receive the White Soapstone Sign used for co-op. Go down the stairs behind them, then out the door to find the Male Undead Merchant. Also warning here: If you aggro the boss in the Painted World of Ariamis, you cannot leave until you defeat it. Lautrec will move out on his own regardless, but the point of the spoiler is to hide the fact that he will kill Anastacia, the Firelink Shrine firekeeper once both bells are rung or the player collects both Fire Keeper Soul at each bell location.