This is a tricky aspect of the deck to master, there are several considerations. Not feeding Carpets: while you may want to put as many islands as possible in to play, you don’t want to feed a Carpet of Flowers 5+ mana per turn. Copied to clipboard. Click to see spoiler. Cast a creature that will untap all creatures on ETB, Use Chulane’s ability to return it to your hand. Setting up for Whitemane/Shrieking: You want to have as many of your lands produce the colours necessary to cast these two as they become crazy recurable draw engines. Tournament. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Results: You will draw your deck and put all your lands in to play untapped, and can cast any number of creatures with CMC 3 or less for free. It will depend on your table and meta how safe you will feel trying to combo very early. This primer has a suggested 99 cards, and the companion piece is a Google Document with all the card choices explained in more detail. You can cast Chulane and then draw your library by casting Wirewood Symbiote, or just activate Mirror Entity for infinity and kill with combat. Step one for this deck is nearly always: Ramp in to Chulane. So either use Timetwister to ensure the deck is always full, or get Chulane out of play so you aren't forced to draw. DMCA requests | Chulane provides both your necessary combo piece and primary value engine, so if your opponents put in some effort to keep him out of play, the deck will struggle. This must be weighed against the above points, as fetching basics hurts colour availability and fetching islands can be punished by carpet. 3, T: Return target creature you control to its owner's hand. It is also a very unique deck, so if you are looking to do something different, Chulane may be for you as well. This will barely stop us from comboing, but is a severe restriction on many other decks, meaning they can't combo at all, or have to combo with no backup. Contact | While there are nearly as many druids as humans in the deck, the druids have low colour requirements (as many of them are just 1 cmc mana dorks) and are also less crucial to resolve. Self bouncer enters, use its trigger to return it to your hand He also enables a huge number of slot-efficient combos, meaning you can have as many or as few ways of winning as you like in the deck. There can also be some advantage to waiting a few turns to combo to avoid conditioning your opponents in to believing that Chulane in Play=About to Combo. Mana will quickly cease to be an issue as you continually draw more mana producing creatures and play extra lands. Discord Server | With two low cost creatures to bounce back and forth to draw a ton of cards and generate a ton of mana. Results: You will draw your deck and put all your lands in to play untapped. Now that we aren't at risk of dying, we can move on to step 4. i enjoy playing combo and this is one of the … DISCUSSION spoiler. This site is unaffiliated. Once he is in play, you can draw a huge number of cards each turn, and even cards you typically don’t want to draw in the late game, like mana dorks, cycle and let you put extra lands in to play. Welcome back ya big beautiful nerds, to my obscene glorious end. Updated May 29, 2020 by Spleenface using our MTG Deck Builder. Holding up Chulane’s ability is also nice, either to save a value creature/hatebear or Chulane himself. Chulane, Teller of Tales. Welcome to the Chulane, Teller of Tales iCameo primer! Managing Fetchable sources: When you really start to get going, if you pull out all of one type of land, you can run in to the situation where you draw a fetch with no target. Cloudstone Curio + Lotus Cobra:Each of these can pull off high value synergy plays with Chulane but the combination of the two is what brings the true power play. While the “ch” at the beginning should actually be the voiceless velar fricative (like a rolled “h”, or an “h” crossed with an “x”), that’s not a common place sound in English, so use a standard “h” sound. Articles. Complete Comment Tutorial! Vigilance. Cast a creature, draw and play a land, Lotus Cobra Landfall trigger adds 1 mana, Cloudstone Curio triggers bounce a land, creature enters the battlefield, Cloudstone Curio triggers, bounce a creature.