You can find roses in Nook's Cranny, but the ACNH blue roses can only be grown by crossbreeding hybrid red roses. How to Get Blue Roses in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Blue Roses Guide. Unlocking all of the various Animal Crossing: New Horizons flower hybrids takes a lot of work, including careful planting, daily watering and a little bit of luck. ". Here are simple steps to breed blue roses in Animal Crossing. There is no limit to the number of new flowers that grow each day. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How To Grow And Breed Flowers, Hybrid Flowers And Gold Roses Explained It’s all coming up (hybrid) roses by Rebecca Stow Tue 6th Oct 2020 The probability of a flower breeding … Do you have a green thumb in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?If so, you've probably been wondering how in the world to make the rare Blue Roses. 1 New mechanics 2 Flower availability 3 Breeding rate 4 Flower genetics 5 Hybridization layouts 6 Simple hybridization 6.1 Desktop 6.2 Mobile 7 Advanced hybridization If a flower is selected to breed but has no available partner, it will create a clone of itself. For Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Apparently cross breeding blue roses is much deeper than we thought. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Blue Roses Trying to crossbreed any flower variant can be quite a challenge, but waking up one day to find a blue rose after weeks of trying is quite the accomplishing feeling, as blue roses in particular require several generations of color cross-breeding… Don't worry, here is a breakdown of exactly how to create … In practice, it should be one flower, a gap, … How cross-breeding works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons To cross-breed, all you need to do is arrange your flower bed in a checkerboard pattern. You need to breed many flowers of different colors from seeds in lots of times.