With the broiler pan, the fat drips through the grate into the below pan. Canary in the coal mine? Bird Teflon dangers you didn’t know & other h ousehold perils . Also make sure to ventailate if cooking in a self cleaning oven over 400 degrees F. Teflon and other non stick coating on the other hand, is completely deadly. The problem with self-cleaning ovens and birds isn't the coating; it's the fats and what-not that are being burned out of your oven during self-cleaning. On June 4, 2019, the FDA confirms that the nonstick chemicals in items such as our cookware are contaminating our food and water. To give you more options you can try one of the suggestions below. I’ve been searching for other options since one of the ovens seems to be sold out on Amazon. I certainly would not say no to a double oven, but to me the overall cost was simply not worth it and I was able to instead purchase various other "toys" thus I ended up with a variety of cooking supplies rather than simply another replicate of something I already have (oven). Makes them easier to dust off in between the yearly washing of them. We had just bought an expensive very nice griddle that was non stick so we gave it to a pet free friend. Most are coated with vitreous enamel. Don’t rule out number 3 – cast iron. I cut up some lime and squeezed it into my water. I like Method. Definitely. It comes in several color options to match your other appliances or add a punch of color.. I put some baking soda on the lime to clean the glass door. Also, be aware of Teflon or other non stick drip Pads in ovens. And another BIG thank you! Why? Would you please shed some light on this oven. I tried to cover as much as possible hoping people likes us wouldn’t have to search for hours for an answer. Everyone told us we need to get the double ovens, and I do cook extremely often, but I have never had a double oven in any house that I have ever lived in, and still successfully pulled off holidays and get togethers without any issues. Ditto to everything Valerie said. Any input?Our house is fairly small and the bird can not be put far from the kitchen. I've sprayed them after the dry with pledge and wiped them down.. just as you would furniture. As I was looking at ovens with the best ratings or all the bells & whistles, I quickly realized most had a non-stick interior which contained Teflon, PFOA, or PTFE (all are in a class of chemicals called PFAS, Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances ) and how it was having negative health effects on pets and people. Birds are sensitive to chemical fumes of all sorts, whether those are from a self-cleaning oven, a hot Teflon-coated pan or oven cleaner. In this blog, you will learn why going Teflon free is important, how it is hurting your pet’s health, and a few Teflon free oven options. I already have some glass pans for baking or food storage and recently added some reusable bags. Sparkling clean.. even the ones from the kitchen and bath. However, the vapors generated by the grease residue that burns off during the cleaning cycle of any oven may be dangerous to the bird-certainly irritates my eyes. Yes, self cleaning Ovens are okay with birds as long as they are used rarely and with all the windows open and your bird at the very very end of the house, also well ventilated for a few hours or until you feel it's safe. Isnt zinc dangerous? I use the hand soap, all purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner. Says you bought a budget convection oven for now but although it appears to be linked, the link didn’t work for me and it certainly isn’t named. I actually planned to update this soon. Thanks. Since getting granite counter tops for the first time ever, will switch to a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of Dawn. It comes in several color options to match your other appliances or add a punch of color. I doubt it - but why get rid of the ovens - it seems easier to keep the ovens and not use the self-cleaning function - you can always manually clean them with cold oven cleaner which is what you'd most likely end up doing with a non-self-cleaning oven. Learn more. Omni Plus 26 Toaster Oven: The cooking pan is made with an enamel-coating The rotisserie spit, lift, and forks are stainless steel: 201 and 304 The oven rack and air fry basket are chrome The interior of the oven has a non-stick PTFE coating* It looks like the other ovens are sold out except the PFOA free toaster oven. Hello—the links aren’t working. So I came here to your blog and appreciate the info, but am confused — I don’t see where you name which oven you bought in the blog entry above? My blog and the AD, clearly state this *version* is PFOA/PTFE free not non-stick free. One approach would be to move the bird to a well-ventilated room elsewhere in the house or, to play it extra safe, somewhere else altogether. A self-cleaning oven might also give off toxic fumes, perhaps from parts treated with nonstick coatings. Gave up on Bounce years ago when I discovered that it made me itch like crazy. If I want to cook something like burgers and fries, I don’t want my burger cooking in its own grease. One contender was Steam Convection Oven. Here is a link that might be useful: CO from self-cleaning gas ovens, Apparently no one reads their use and care booklet for self cleaning ranges and ovens, the part that says "Warning", I checked the manual for my electric double oven and no warning-probably because it is electric and not Teflon coated. To top it off, I’m sensitive to smells. So, I would put off oven cleaning until the weather was nice. These toaster oven pans are PTFE free, PFOA free, PFOS free, and Lead-free. I can say from experience that lovebirds have no problem coexisting with gas appliances and yes, sometimes small amounts of raw gas come out. which convection oven has the galvanized interior (zinc)? I am sensitive to certain perfumes. Emissions are often strongest when appliances and cookware are new. I'd keep the ovens, damp wipe it clean frequently, and let the bird spend the day at a neighbor's a few times a year for cleaning, whether you use the self clean or a chemical cleaner. Finally, I would have liked a Stainless Steel Broil and Roast Set. Those tend to get 'sticky' from the steam and heat from shower and cooking. I found many comments on various websites stating birds have become ill or passed away from the use of non-stick ovens. Excited and want to get your new oven in a hurry? I can tell you I have purchased two pizzas and they both fit inside. You can also subscribe without commenting. You have discussed the matter details. You may want to try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. Birds *are* extremely sensitive to carbon monoxide but appliance running properly don't emit enough to bother even a bird. Sounds perhaps like a myth drawn from the old "canary-in-a-coal-mine" birds-as-poison-gas-detectors thing. Our online bird store offers you only the best exotic bird foods, Harrisons Bird Foods, Goldenfeast, Volkman Totally Organics, ZuPreem, Roudybush, and toys from Super Bird Creations, Caitec, as well as our own creations from the Birdsafe Store Workshop. Hi! This blog post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission at no cost to you. shirley9904 I used sudsy ammonia in the bathrub to soak my mini blinds. Birds are sensitive to chemical fumes of all sorts, whether those are from a self-cleaning oven, a hot Teflon-coated pan or oven cleaner. We have a much loved parrot and I have learned that self cleaning ovens emit vapors from their coatings that kill parrots. Can't you take the bird out to visit someone while you're running the self-clean? I understand wanting to protect your proprietary product or formulation but it’s that same lack of transparency that will make you lose customers wanting to know this information for health reasons. You can turn off the beeping sound the buttons make. Sad sad story. And if you have teflon coated pots and pans, think about those also-high heat from sauteing can probably generate fumes from them also-and don't preheat them with nothing in them. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Keep furry friends safe and sound by handling all of these potential hazards, Houzz Gift Guide: 40 New Ways to Love Dogs, Cats and Birds in Style, Designing Beautiful, Sustainable Homes in Loudoun & Fairfax County, How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays, 12 Cleaning Projects That Go a Little Deeper — Naturally, The Crate Conundrum: A Safe Place for Your Pooch, Tackle Big Messes Better With a Sparkling-Clean Dishwasher, Koi Find Friendly Shores in Any Garden Style, Pet-Proofing Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide, Marshall Design Group | Studio C Architecture. WHEW.. does that make for a fast shower curtain pull! Can’t you please just include the name of your recommended oven ??? 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