== If I have left out your favorite emulator or your the developer of one of these great emulators and I didn't do the description justice please let me know and drop me a line at emulators AT apple2games.com OR on twitter at @Apple2Games.== An Amiga emulator is coming soon too from the same developers. RetroPie comes with an Apple II emulator. LinApple has also been optimized for the Pi, check out linapple-pie. If you have a real Apple II, power it up. Basilisk II est un émulateur Open Source de Macintosh avec processeur pouvant aller jusqu'au Motorola 68040 et supportant jusqu'à MACOS 8.1 (en passant par System 7.x).Cette archive inclus toutes les versions de l'émulateur dont une plus récente incluant divers fixes et corrections en tout genre. [PR #837] Support for 'Le Chat Mauve' Eve and Féline RGB cards. This guide was first published on Jul 02, 2019. Description. Get your Apple II BOOTI on with this USB Hard Drive Emulator Card from David Mutimer, with firmware by Marko Ramius. What is Logo? Not truely an Apple II or //e emulator and kinda where I got out of the Apple ][ years ago it's still a great piece of software. You can now select between original, autostart and plus Apple ][s, and unenhanced and enhanced //es. Disk Images of Software. [PR #826] Support for Video7's SL7 RGB card.New command line switch to … We’ve imported these cards all the way from Down Under, and are offering them at David’s standard price of $50 plus shipping. Make sure you use a machine with Applesoft in ROM, such as the Apple II Plus or later, or an original Apple II with the proper language card. L'Apple II (parfois orthographié Apple ][ ou Apple //) est l'un des premiers ordinateurs personnels au monde fabriqué à grande échelle1. It seems that Apple has relax the rule enough that the C64 emulator with BASIC is now allowed for App Store! New items in version 1.29.15 of the Tom Charesworth maintained Applewin Emulator include: [Change #764] Fully support the RGB cards, and introduce a new 'Color (RGB Card/Monitor)' dedicated video mode. Thunderclock Emulation. The Applewin Apple II Emulator has been updated. Hello, Turtle! There is cursory emulation of the Thunderclock card, enough to keep ProDOS applications from asking you to enter the date all the time. Updates (2013-07-04) RAMFactor Emulation (//jse) I now simulate having a 1 Megabyte RAMFactor card in slot 2. If you’re following along without a real Apple II, open a new browser window to the Apple ][js emulator. For these emulators, you'll need the disk images for Logo, those can be found at Apple2Online. It was last updated on Jul 02, 2019.