Classic editor History Comments Share. Actua Sports is a sports video game series published by Gremlin Interactive which competed with Electronic Arts EA Sports label during the second half of the 1990s, until Gremlin was acquired by Infogrames. It was developed and published by Gremlin Interactive in the United Kingdom for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. [11] Stephen Fulljames of Computer and Video Games wrote that Alliss "provides an accurate, and somewhat acerbic commentary throughout. In 1996, the first non-football game was released, Actua Golf, followed by the sequels Actua Soccer 2 in 1997, now endorsed by English international Alan Shearer and Premier Manager 98. That's it. A port for the Nintendo 64 was planned but canceled after six months in development due to poor sales of the game Body Harvest for the platform.[16]. All references to NHL were changed to GHL ( Gremlin Hockey League ), all player names were modified by substituting vowels (Svoboda became Svaboda, for instance), player faces were randomized and a whole new front-end was developed. The game was developed with close ties to a local football club Sheffield Wednesday: their players provided hints to the programmers, and three players, Chris Woods, Graham Hyde and Andy … The graphics used a slightly improved version of the Actua Soccer 2 engine with much improved weather effects. Actua Golf 3. [4] Jeff Kitts of GameSpot, reviewing the PlayStation version, wrote that "there's nothing remotely 'VR,' as in virtual reality, about VR Golf '97." Format Reviews Average Score First Review PlayStation 3 86% 18 Jul 1996 PlayStation Edit. For the first time, both club and national teams were present, plus other teams (such as Arsenal LFC) and various joke teams. Selectable weather conditions include dry, damp, and wet. "[3] Air Hendrix wrote that O'Brien "calls the play-by-play with accurate and often amusing commentary, though he does repeat himself a bit."[1]. Actua Tennis was developed by Gremlin and released on PlayStation in 1998 and Windows PC in 1999. [2], Actua Soccer featured only national teams, with squads of 22 players from each of 44 national sides, However a follow up version with English Premier League teams named Actua Soccer: Club Edition was released in 1997 using 20 players from the 20 Premier League teams from 1996/97. [17], Gallup UK Playstation sales chart, May 1996, published in, Nagano Winter Olympics 1998 ice hockey tournament, "The Essential 50 Part 35: Virtua Fighter", "NEWS: This famous game was in development for the N64",, Video games developed in the United Kingdom, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 09:27. "[3], The graphics received some praise. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. [3] The game has several golf commentators, including Peter Alliss and Pat O'Brien.[1][2][4][5][3]. Kitts wrote, however, that the game "delivers just about everything, in terms of gameplay, one could ask for in a video game simulation. Actua Soccer 2 was also bundled with Creative Technology's Voodoo 2 graphic cards, which helped to achieve widespread distribution and popularity. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! In 2007, a port of Actua Pool was released for the Nintendo DS, named Underground Pool in North America. [7], Actua Golf (known as VR Golf '97 in North America) is a sports video game developed by Gremlin Interactive for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. It was originally intended to be Fox Sports Hockey and was being developed by Gremlin for Fox Interactive, who had obtained an NHL license. Actua Golf was developed and published by Gremlin Interactive. [12], The game received a score of 8/10 from PC Gaming World. The third installment in the Actua Soccer series and the Ninety-Nine edition of Premier Manager followed in 1998, the year a new title debuted in the series: Actua Ice Hockey, the official video game of the Nagano Olympic Games ice hockey tournament, followed by Actua Tennis in the same year. The game featured players which were motion captured from real tennis players and commentary by Sue Barker and Barry Davies. We have created a browser extension. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. Kitts stated that the environments were generic and "frightfully dull," and that the golfer "is downright droopy" and "a jagged-edged graphic disaster.