The Lyrics for Fever Dream by Draa have been translated into 1 languages. Popular Song Lyrics. "Fever Dream" lyrics. Movements - Fever Dream Lyrics Lyrics : [Verse 1] Lock myself in the dark Try to fake some security Where the better things are And my shadow can't follow me Something's haunting me Charades and fever dreams [Chorus] I'm holding desperately to what's.. Lyrics. Lyrics to Fever Dream by Iron and Wine from the Our Endless Numbered Days album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! Lyrics to 'Fever Dreams' by Dio. Grayscale Lyrics "Fever Dream" I'm ashes, post-flame All the coal that disintegrates I'll just lie here quietly Sink into the earth's defeat As I watched you grow dull Wonder how you stay so cold Always knew something was wrong Never chose to play along, here Lyrics to 'Fever Dream' by Bury Your Dead. Lately when my demons drag the night across my eyes I just can't seem to fight it any more Yield unto temptation and be ruler of the world But it … stream or download "fever dream" from dawn here: the day i wrote this song, i knew it meant the world to me. Everyday It starts again, waking up to feet on shaky ground This is just another poor excuse for trying The more I give the more you take away Now every ounce I … Recently Added. The feeling flows And underneath my eyes So slow to take a breath. Upcoming Lyrics. Fever Dream Lyrics: Got enough to kill me in my pocket / (But I will make it home, I promise) / I have a secret, know how to keep it / (Been digging holes, not digging deeper) / I never want to die And every time i try I couldn't see it See it See it Such a cold room To wake up into the feeling going numb Something i never knew I couldn't feel it … Sinking into my awareness* Realizing what’s been done I’ve taken a life and mine for granted Neither planned or in passion Riddled with . Top Lyrics of 2011. Billboard Hot 100. Circa Survive - Fever Dreams Lyrics. Top Lyrics of 2010. Fever Dream Lyrics: I don't know what I should do when I start feeling anxious / I close my eyes and pretend the world is a simulation / I can't breathe, I open up for some ventilation / The air ain't